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Longwave Loggings / recent NDB loggings
« on: April 02, 2017, 1707 UTC »
The band has been getting more noisy as is typical for this time of year but still some DX to be had.
All logged past two weeks from Michigan QTH.

206  QI   Yarmouth NS  
244  TH   Thompson  MB  
254  5B   Summerside  PEI  
257  SQT Melbourne  FL  
350  DF   Deer Lake  NL  
350  NY   Enderby  BC  1775mi (best DX)
356  AY   St. Anthony  NL  
359  SDY Sidney  MT  
360  PN   Port Menier  QC  
370  YBV Berens River  MB  
390  JT   Stephenville  NL  
396  YPH Port Harrison  QC  

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 3-19-17 0905 - 0945Z
« on: March 19, 2017, 1720 UTC »
Band still in pretty good shape here early this morning other than a large number of static crashes.  Not sure where they were coming from as there is no T-storm activity showing on the WX radar for 1000+ mi from Michigan other than some convective activity in western Missouri.

Anyway, good DX in all directions:  north 396 YPH Port Harrison  QC 1112mi
                                                   east   356 AY   St. Anthony  NL   1420mi
                                                            390 JT    Stephenville  NL  1249mi
                                                   south 391 DDP San Juan  PTR     1945mi
                                                   west  400 QQ   Comox  BC          2031 mi

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 3-18-17 0905 - 1045Z
« on: March 18, 2017, 2002 UTC »
Band conditions excellent here in Michigan early today, logged 121 NDBs including a half dozen new ones for me.

Most of the action was to the west, however, did hear 254 5B Summerside PEI about 1000 mi east of here.

248  WG  Winnipeg  MB
269  UDE Delta  MB
284  QD   The Pas  MB
300  YIV   Island Lk  MB
317  VC    LaRonge  SK
356  ZXE  Saskatoon  SK  (new)
368  ZP    Sandspit  BC  (2320 mi best DX)
370  YBV  Berens River  MB
400  QQ   Comox  BC (new)

Eventually some heavy local RFI/EMI brought things to a halt but otherwise an enjoyable morning on LW.   

Longwave Loggings / unids
« on: March 18, 2017, 1856 UTC »
368 SOO...   maybe miskeying SOY Sioux Center IA ?

382 UVS ?

413 NDA ? 

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 3-11-17 1030 - 1115Z
« on: March 11, 2017, 2007 UTC »
The band conditions were unusual before dawn here in Michigan.  Overall noisy and the regular "local" (within 300 mi) beacons usually heard were either very weak or not heard at all.

However, propagation to the northwest was pretty good.  344 BKU Baker MT (1070 mi, best DX) had a nice signal as did 379 DL Duluth MN.  365 AA Fargo ND was booming in here.

Other than that, only a so-so morning on LW today. 

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 3-4-17 0945-1130Z
« on: March 05, 2017, 0246 UTC »
Good LW NDB band conditions here in Michigan again this morning :).  Logged 101 NDBs, including about a half-dozen new ones for me.  Reception was excellent in all directions except to the north.
In many cases was hearing 2 or 3 beacons on the same freq at the same time.  Even managed to pluck 4 beacons out of the wall to wall warble in the DGPS band: 289 YLQ, 299 HW, 300 YOG, 317 ZZR.  Florida was well represented with:  257 SQT Melbourne coming in over local 257 MB Saginaw, 326 PKZ Pensacola on top of 326 Wiarton ON, 332 FIS Key West beating out 332 QT Thunder Bay ON, and 344 JA Jacksonville neck and neck with 344 YGV Havre St. Pierre QC.  Best DX was 332 FIS 1256 mi. but 3 of the new ones for me: 344 YGV Havre St. Pierre QC, 395 ULS Ulysses KS, and 400 FN Ft. Collins CO were all 1000+ mi.

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 2-26-17 1010 - 1045Z
« on: February 26, 2017, 1845 UTC »
The LW NDB band conditions were excellent here in Michigan this morning.  Only an occasional static crash otherwise no QRM/QRN.  Logged a total of 62 NDBs including a couple of new ones for me and heard DX from all directions:

332  FIS  Key West  FL
344  BKU Baker  MT
356  AY   St. Anthony  NL  (new)
360  PN   Port Menier  QC
380  BBD Brady  TX  (new)
390  JT    Stephenville  NL
391  DDP San Juan  PTR
396  YPH Port Harrison  QC

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 2-19-17 1000Z
« on: February 19, 2017, 2035 UTC »
The band was noisy here in Michigan this morning but did manage to hear the following from 1000-1015Z:

326  VV   Wiarton ON
329  CH   Charleston SC
329  YHN  Hornepayne ON
332  FIS   Key West FL  +1000 mi
335  YLD  Chapleau ON
338  DE   Detroit MI
340  YY    Mont Joli QC
341  YYU  Kapuskasing ON
344  ZSB  Sudbury ON
346  YXL  Sioux Lookout ON
347  ANQ  Angola IN
351  YKQ  Fort Rupert QC
353  QG   Windsor ON
353  IN     International Falls MN
360  PN    Port Menier QC  +1000 mi
362  SB    Sudbury ON
366  YMW Maniwaki QC
375  7B    St.Thomas ON
Gave up after 15 minutes as the noise level was covering a lot of weaker sigs.  

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 2-14-17 2210Z
« on: February 14, 2017, 2357 UTC »
Was only able to listen for a short while this afternoon but band conditions were excellent.

The following Quebec beacons had a good signal in here, a pipeline to the upper St. Lawrence:

340 YY Mont Joli
360 PN Port Menier
392 ML LaMalbaie

This was still daylight here in Michigan, nearly an hour before local sunset.

Longwave Loggings / NDB loggings 1000Z 2-12-17
« on: February 12, 2017, 2227 UTC »
Good LW conditions here (Michigan) early this morning.

Logged 4 new ones for me:
332  ULH Tullahoma  TN
349  GW  Greenwood MS
366  EOK Koekuk  IA
379  RUE Russellville AR

Best DX 391 DDP San Juan PTR  1945mi

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