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Equipment / Re:
« on: April 29, 2017, 1821 UTC »
Also, I hate HOAs as much as everyone else, but it will be the reality for now. I asked this same  question on another forum, and got a few useful replies and about 20 pages of irrelevant comments and people flaming each other.

Equipment / Re:
« on: April 29, 2017, 1818 UTC »
So, I'm currently I'm an apartment. My girlfriend and I are planning on moving in together. She has a house but the HOA expressly forbids antennas that "send or receive any ham radio signal" (my head exploded when I read that). I'm thinking some kind of loop, and a multiband dipole in the attic after I move. If I'm creative enough I might find a way of doing something outside. After the dust settles on the move I might consider asking for a variance as I suspect many of these rules are just a "copy and paste"

Equipment / Re:
« on: April 27, 2017, 1535 UTC »
Those loops look interesting. I suppose the compromise is a narrow band with and they likely aren't as efficient foe transmitting.  Back in a previous life I had a Kenwood TS140S (Great little radio, I now regret selling it) and a multiband vertical mounted in my parents back yard. Worked really well. As far as transmitting, I am concerned about RF exposure. I have yet to do any calculations, but am hoping that with an antenna in the attic, 100 watts will be a possibility.

Equipment / Limited space antennas
« on: April 27, 2017, 1321 UTC »
I am curious with those of you who live in apartments or HOA restricted communities do for antennas. I am currently in such a position and while I do not have a station setup yet I am looking into my options for equipment. I was considering a magnetic loop antenna, or getting a multi band dipole in the attic. Since my station would be used for transmitting in the ham bands I would like something that could do double duty. Although I am not opposed to having a separate antenna just for listening.

I also have an old VLF receiver at a relatives house I am hoping to get my hands back on soon. Are there any decent antenna options other than a random length of wire?

Huh? / Re:
« on: April 26, 2017, 2031 UTC »
As someone who worked in a record store and has a decent sized vinyl collection, I never liked RSD.

General Radio Discussion / New user, great forum
« on: April 25, 2017, 2344 UTC »
Having seen a few references to this site I finally decided to check it out. I tend to like things that are obscure, or unusual, and there appears to be much of that still in the shortwave spectrum.

I got involved in SW listening as a kid, then got a ham licence. It lapsed many years ago, but I've been bitten by the radio bug again. Hoping to get a station set up soon, as I sold my old Kenwood HF rig and my 2m rig was stolen in high school . My family is holding on to some vintage gear for me I hope to get back in my hands. I remember being fascinated by numbers stations, seemingly indecipherable digital signals, and the Russian woodpeckers. (I was amused when a band I'm a fan of used a numbers station sample in a song. I knew immediately what it was when I heard it, while everyone else scratched their heads.) I've been doing some reading on HF beacons and am really curious. I had thought the shortwave spectrum was pretty much dead, with the big broadcasters going off the air. Hopefully I was wrong.

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