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02:18 very strong clear S7 in houston.  Rush 2112 fav band so had to chime in.

on 6933 USB.    in Houston Texas.  S7 loud and clear minimal noise

been listingin for the last 30 min.. but ..
0151 Santana Black Magic woman  Studo version.   
0152 close out with some blue "zz top"  La Grange
0154 bang a gong
0155 time to go to bed, the cats already gone to bed :)

Here in Houston S7+

02:14  Chatroom
02:16 Windows 95 Suck (parody, start me up)
02:18  A Medly of seemingly unrelated songs from the WWII era
02:30  Playing what seems to be WWII German Propagand

"this is NRA Country"

Clever Name Radio - at approx 0128 large digital transfer or jamming wiped out the signal.

0140 music on 6925 USB, s7-8, Strong clear signal.  Born to Be Wild ,  the doors.
0144 music on 6925 USB, s7-8, Strong clear signal.  Wild Life, Talking Heads.  good choice
0154 music on 6925 USB, s7-8, Strong clear signal.
0156 music on 6925 USB, s7-8, Strong clear signal. - Jethro Tull, Thick as a Brick

0205 UTC "I Drink Alone" George Thorogood  S7-s8 very clear w/minimal noise
0216 UTC "Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job"   George Thorogood
0221 UTC Sign off and a shout out to myself!  very cool thank you  :)

Oh my my first post

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