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2330 Weak music.  Hard to hear over the hash from my XYL on the treadmill atm.
2333 OM talking, then back to the song

2350 No Doubt - It's My Life

I got sidetracked doing something else, but left the radio going, and accidentally caught this one.

Back at 0322 with several minutes of constant borking, now.
0331 sign-off

10/11 meters / KMAX IFB 26110 FM 1553 15 April 2024
« on: April 24, 2024, 2155 UTC »
The KVOR/KMAX studio IFB was back again today, and this time I was able to get a recording of it.

My reception was pretty poor when I first came across it, but by the time I got the recording set up a few minutes before 1600 UTC, it had gotten somewhat better, but was still fading in and out.

1553 Sounds like local news with anchors reading email from viewers
1555 Propagation must have improved.  S6 signal strength with anchors discussing WNBA player Caitlin Clark signing a $28 million dollar multi-year contract.
1556 Outro music into a commercial break, then silence.  Carrier dropped after about 20 seconds with no modulation.

1600 Transmission resumes with music playing along with a SNL-style "Live from Northern California, this is Good Day" and news coverage of an assault on a college campus
1607 A reporter is remote at a high school event when the signal fades completely out, then back in before they go to a break with the theme from "Speed Racer".  Quiet for about 20 seconds, then the carrier drops gain.

I haven't figured out how to embed a YouTube video, so here's the link to it.

S7 with a nice signal, but lots of storm noise at my QTH tonight.

0326 blues music

Still haing in there at S7
0412 mid-song on Never Can Tell (is this version Chuck Barry?
0414 Niel Diamond - Girl You'll be a Woman Soon

Thanks for the show!

S7 with some fading

0018 The Eagles - Take it Easy - cut off mid-song
0019 ... making me do things I don't want to do...
0023 SSTV
0025 The Cars - Just What I Needed (possibly sped-up)
0029 Voice ID into SSTV then sign-off

S7 signal at my QTH

SSTV at 0353

S9 +12 dB into my QTH in the Southeastern US. SIO 555

0144 Nearly Lost You by Screaming Trees
0147 ID with request into Word Up by Cameo
0153 ID into Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran
0156 Owl Hooting sound effect into Punk Rock Girl by Dead Milkmen
0200 Automated voice reading HFU posts, then signed off

No, no, guys I got it! It's EIB Radio.  If so please play "My City was Gone" by the Pretenders

S9 +7 dB peaking to+12 dB at times into my QTH in the Southeastern US. SIO 454 with 3 kHz bandwidth or maybe a hair over.

S9 +7 dB peaking to +12 dB at times at my QTH in the Southeastern US. SIO 454 with a bandwidth of 3 kHz or maybe a hair over.

0139 Weak music
0141 XEROX - Radio Duplicado ID.  I assume it's a recording of an old broadcast.
0149 another XEROX ID, repeated a few times
0152 Flute solo over the noise
0155 Better signal on W3HFU KiwiSDR, OM with XEROX ID - Rrradio Duplicado!
0157 Automated voice ID - XEROX (inaudible) Memorial Station

@ 0205, signal has all but died here, but reception is picking up in Maryland. S8 signal, but noisy conditions

0216 Sign-Off? Only see a carrier with no modulation.
0209 another Voice ID into guitar music
0211 sounds like the same flute solo from before

0216 Sign-Off? Only see a carrier with no modulation.
0218 Carrier off

Sample recording with Voice ID and music

Recording of the last few minutes

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6911 USB 0345 22 MARCH 2024
« on: March 22, 2024, 0348 UTC »
Music, weak signal
0349 QRM from a nearby ALE sounding then off

Utility / Re: UNID 6996 USB 0148 UTC 22 MAR 2024
« on: March 22, 2024, 0159 UTC »
6996 USB has been used for Red Cross nets in the past, but I don't know why they would have an authenticated net.  The net procedure had a definite NATO flair to it, but they're clearly not professional operators.

The digital mode sounds like MIL-STD 188-110A which would make me lean toward this being CFARS (given the "Q" callsigns) or possibly MARS, but doesn't sound like any MARS net I've heard.

0155 - heard callsign "Red Dragon Romeo", so maybe CAP? "Red Dragon" is the callsign for the New Jersey wing of Civil Air Patrol.
0201 - operators speaking over each other and an ALE sounding

S8 but noisy conditions here
0055 The Clash
0057 sounds like The Ramones
0100 Radio Gaga into Rush - The Spirit of Radio
0106 Presidents of the United States of America? - Video Killed the Radio Star

22 Meter Band HiFER Beacons / WSPR reports for B4K 16 MAR 2024
« on: March 19, 2024, 1638 UTC »
Reports from an afternoon running a WSPR beacon on 22m from a hill overlooking Clarks Hill Lake (or Lake Strom Thurmond if you're from SC).

I figured I'd get spotted a few times if I left it running long enough, but I did NOT expect to get spotted by a Dutch station.  That was a pleasant surprise!

Date / Time UTCRX CallRX GridSNRdrift (Hz)Distance (km)
2024-03-16 22:32PD0OHWJO33lc-28-47097
2024-03-16 21:40KA7OEI-1DN31uo-28-12717
2024-03-16 21:08N3AGEFN30hw-28-41190
2024-03-16 18:48W3PMEM64or-220372
2024-03-16 18:48W3HFU/0FM19mq-9-1878
2024-03-16 17:54KV0SEM38tv-2001031
2024-03-16 17:54NM1KEFN32rp-2501370
2024-03-16 17:50AC0GEM38ww-1401015
2024-03-16 17:50K1RA-4FM18cr-24-3750
2024-03-16 17:50N8GAEN80ee-150748
2024-03-16 17:42W3ENRFM28jh-21-2886
2024-03-13 19:00KV4TTFM03pt-28-2403

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