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Lovely audio here at 15:30 - Sweet Child in Time - Deep Purple.
Signal is wider now, around 6kHz.
Best quality I've ever heard on SSB.

Agreed, if you tune this station properly, make sure the bandwidth is around 100Hz to 4kHz on the receiver, it sounds amazing.

Looks like their audio bandwidth is 4kHz to me.

This station should be careful, 3924 is allocated to Royal Air Force Plymouth (UK) Air Safety and I heard USB traffic on it today.

Not a pirate. This is a licensed hospital station in Loughborough, UK.

ID at 18:30: Zenith Classic Rock.

Spy Numbers / Re: 411/22 on 5779USB
« on: November 06, 2020, 1114 UTC »
Interesting, thanks!

Spy Numbers / Re: 411/22 on 5779USB
« on: November 05, 2020, 1736 UTC »
And it reappears!
412/32 repeated many times;
Then groups of 5 numbers each repeated twice.
Female voice, possibly Russian sounding.
Heard today 5 Nov '20 at 17:30

Utility / STANAG on 3805?
« on: August 11, 2020, 1706 UTC »
Any ideas where this is coming from?

Seems very strong lately, even daytimes, here in NW British Isles.

00:32 I Hear You Now - Jon & Vangelis
00:37 Promises Promises
00:40 Ann: We don't know what we're doing - this is The Bodge
00:41 Laser Love

80s rap, not bad quality, a little undermodded.

Not a pirate, of course.

Always appreciate your reports Skipmuck!

Isn't this 'pips network' actually transmissions from STANAG transmitters? As I occasionally see those pips around 5700, but other times I see a STANAG there which looks the same on an SDR and is similar strength.

Its very strong, so I think close to the SDR location (UK south coast), so its not skywaving.


Co-existing with Harmony 10kHz down, both well-controlled bandwidth, so no interference.


Male ann 'from the Ross Revenge this is Radio Monique International (that QTH unlikely!) Dutch accent.

1436 Radio Gaga

Good sig NW Europe, mod bass and distorted.

(subject line edited by Ray - frequency was 6284.7 on the subject line, etc...)

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