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Interested to know how you discerned this!

Here you go, radiation plots of a 48m half-wave dipole at heights:

Black 6m
red 12m (quarter wave)
Blue 24m (half wave)


Between the late 1930's and the 1950's, Radio Eireann were on SW regularly on their own transmitters from Athlone, officially.

The more recent broadcasts, both on 6220/5 and 58xx were official relays.

An old RTE engineer told me as far as he knew there were few, if any SW transmissions from Athlone. The 10kW transmitter was indeed installed, but it didn't last long, apparently. I've been to the site, the transmitter is long gone, but there are clues in the building as to where it was.

This is IDing as 'Rebel Ska and Reggae'.

Thanks for the report!

Which link contains the photos of the transmitter room?

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Unid 5825 AM 1551 utc 25 feb 2019
« on: February 25, 2019, 1650 UTC »
This was Radio OZ-Viola testing.

Thanks for the kind words - great to see conditions favouring your part of the world in the evening (our time).

FYI tx power is 250W at the moment.

Also glad you like the Beautiful Music!

Wow a numbers station on 5779 USB now, 17:30, announcing "412/33" repeatedly before commencing the usual 5-digit sequences. I've never heard a numbers station on this frequency before.

19:40, Radio Luxembourg recording, then ID "Radio 319" with email address etc.

Good quality, signal approx S6.

(original message by Harmony at 1954 utc)

(subject edited by Ray after splitting)

Announcing in Dutch as Mi Amigo International, although not same audio as the licensed station on 6085.

11:40 - 'Tonight'
11:42 - DJ in Dutch, 'The Entertainer'
11:44 - DJ in Dutch, mentioned 'Sunday Afternoon' so maybe recorded programme.

S8 here in W Europe, mod slightly distorted and muffled.

(Subject was 'Mi Amigo 5800 AM', edited by Ray)

Kris, which station occupies 5780kHz at your location? Is it a broadcast station or a utility?

Rock n Roll music, S7. Splatter from Harmony on 5780.

S5 - S7, with ute QRM bursts on lower sideband, and QSB.

12:01 - Beach Baby - The First Class
12:03 - Brand New Key - Melanie
12:06 - Let The Sideshow Begin - Blue Magic

Dutch music, Dutch and English announcements with ID jingle in English. 'Free Radio from somewhere in the Netherlands'. Good signal and mod.

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