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What model audio processor do you guys use?

Nicely controlled sidebands - but out to +/- 10kHz! Far too much!

Thanks for the continuing reports guys, much appreciated. Best wishes for 2020.

Spy Numbers / 411/22 on 5779USB
« on: December 19, 2019, 1735 UTC »
Female voice, English, "four one one oblique two two" repeated, until 17:33, then "out".

Improvements made to modulation today. Comments appreciated.

The comedy pianist is the excellent, and late, Victor Borge.

As for the gurgling voice, I know not...

Equipment / Re: Strong sidebands :-(.
« on: August 26, 2019, 0952 UTC »
Agreed, the pirates should respect the licensed stations.

Particularly the small ones like yours.

Again? Nope all working just fine. Carrier was silent for a while while some maintenance was being done.

Bonnie Tyler - Holding out for a Hero.
Journey - Remember Me
Weak in SW UK.

I have a contact at WOF. I've asked him to investigate this sprog.

This could be the culprit:

So just because you have a boat and are out fishing then you can operate outside the amateur bands. I'd guess that the fisherman don't even need to have passed any technical exam or demonstrate any technical competency like hams have to do.
Strikes me as very strange, especially in this day and age of communications. For sure they will have internet at sea these days. They are CB pirates in my eyes

Fishermen don't use the amateur bands, they use the marine bands. And 48m has some marine allocations.

Here's a more traditional view, V field only. IN the left plot the dipole is running N-S.

I have different photos to those, taken after the site had gone silent. But those are similar!

It was definitely 10kW, a 100kW transmitter in those days was massive, and I've been in the room the HF was in. But I bow to your better knowledge of the other points.

BTW although one of the two masts that supported the MF T antenna used on 612kHz is gone, and the site is mothballed, three generations of MF transmitters remain in situ.

The original Marconi which takes up most of the main hall, the 1950s Brown-Boveri 100kW and the 1970s 2x 50kW Continental - all still there. I have photos somewhere.

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