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  I can tell something is there, all instrumentals so far.  Up and down in South Carolina
23:26 something from the 60's but I can't recall the title as it come up out of the noise now and then.

23:31  I think they moved to 6985

Fading in and out her in S.C.
2327z Walk away Renee - The Left Banke

Thanks Chris for getting this in the right place.

S5 in South Cackalacky couple of Jimi Hendrix songs so far.

0009z All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
0016z Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

Nice signal but still getting noise from 12kc wide digital signal. 
Otherwise sounding good here is South cackalacky
S8 Signal

Peaks of s5 with lots of static from local Thunder storms
23:26 DJ talking but hard to make out
23:27 Hear a Guitar then DJ talking, Heard a Thank You then on to music
23:57 Someone from South American now on the upper sideband.

Just above the noise here in S.C.

22:52 Beach Boys California Girl
22:54 Yeah Man Station Id
dropped to low to make out next song.

23:35 Comes booming in for a bit then fades down into the noise.  Sounded like a bit of Boogie Woogie into what sounds like bit of Soul Music when it comes above the noise here in South Carolina.

2321 Rocket Man
2325 Benny and the Jets interrupted by new bites.
2330 I'm Still Standing

coming in about s7 enjoying the tunes.

S3 at best with Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd  23:05

Propagation is not favoring me tonight  :-\

down in the noise here in South Cakalacky , then got some CW and some digital mixed in.  Maybe next time.

S5 with a hint of noise.  Couldn't name one tune but enjoying the music

Spy Numbers / Cuba Number Station 11635 am 18:30 UTC
« on: March 13, 2020, 1846 UTC »
5 number groups till 18:35 then 5 number group into a digital transmission, 5 number group into a different digital Transmission. Then alternating between the two digital transmissions starting with different 5 number groups.

I believe the decrypted message reads "Vote for Bernie, he's our man"  ;)  ;D

23:49 UTC  Coming in with about s9 to 10 over s9 with atmospheric noise.

Can't ID the song but great bass beat.


Spy Numbers / 11635 AM 18:08 UTC Oct 25,2019 Cuban Spy Station
« on: October 25, 2019, 1810 UTC »
Female Voice reading numbers, pause, then into a Digital signal then the sequence repeats with a new set of number and digital signal.

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