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2340 One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer, George Thorogood
2341 Gone off the air
S-5 and noisy.

2110 utc  ethereal type music from what I can make out when it pokes above the noise.

S9 into Central South Carolina

0000 UTC  OM "For all the women who made Rock and Roll" into a Marvelettes song Beachwood 45789

2356 S7  I like Beer
2357 you are listening to Radio Humperdoo

Steady S7 into Central South Carolina

2345 UTC  10 Over S9 Ethereal Music with a bit of talking thrown in "Ooooooh Welcome to Planet Z"
2347 UTC switched music then cutoff Guess they didn't like the selection
2348 a new selection with a bit of talk.

Nice signal into Central South Carolina

Sounds like an old time radio show, just above the noise but to low to make much out.

Nice S7 signal into Central South Carolina

00:00 UTC  Tom Petty  Mary Jane's Last Dance
00:04 UTC  ID  WREC with DJ Sparks
00:06 UTC  up to an S9 signal, good music
00:10 UTC  Lynyrd Skynyrd   Sweet Home Alabama
00:12 UTC  signal starting to fade
00:16 UTC  signed off

22:43 UTC   Signal tough to pull out of all the static crashes,  lots of storms around.

22:10 UTC  barely creeping above the noise level at times, can just tell something is there.

Shortwave Broadcast / WBCQ 9330 AM UTC 19:50 Aug 16, 2019
« on: August 16, 2019, 2003 UTC »
Looks like WBCQ got the 9330 super station transmitter working again relaying WBCQ's FM station. I haven't heard 9330 since a few days after the flat earth people took over.   

23:43 UTC  Now S5 - S7  Climbed out of the noise and over the static crashes here in Central South Carolina.

20:08 UTC    Weak, just above the noise level then fades here in Central South Cackalacky

23:27  Techno I think
23:35 Music Music Music  Techno I think, not my style so not sure.
23:38 ???
23:43 off air

SIO 555 in South Cackalacky  Modified my time as clock was 2 minutes off.

Utility / EAM 15.016 Mhz
« on: July 28, 2019, 1940 UTC »
15.016 @ 1746 utc

EKG4HY3EZXN4VVYWD5W7RINNK4NQJTIPEXVLWBWTEB5W7TQ6666EBCCSFYXL  I repeat ....... Message Count 56 Andrew Out

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