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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 2211 UTC 3 Jan 2020
« on: January 03, 2020, 2211 UTC »
Staring up with Joan Jett, ďHate myself for loving you.Ē
S5 with almost no fading.
2216. After 2 SSTV images, silence.

S4 carrier, signal fading in and out at 2010 UTC

2016 Up to S5-S6, still fading but not to no audio anymore.
2018 Station ID
2023 Off mid-song...and back at 2024.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Zekeís Attic 6934 LSB 30 Dec 2019
« on: December 30, 2019, 2207 UTC »
Music. Signal S5 with moderate fading. 

(First typed UNIC, then corrected it to UNIF. This time for sure!)

2212 Fade gods smiled and boosted the signal enough for ID.
2222 Song starts...stops....different song starts. Ahh, the fun of finding a track on vinyl.
2224 Suddenly off.

Barely above the noise. OM talking at 2233.

2307 signal up to S5. Now OM talking about RF issues. Slightly muddled but easily understandable.

2310 Magic Carpet Ride

S5 here. 5Khz bandwidth, sounds good despite local noise. Little to no fading.

2231 I have no clue, but music.
2235 up to S7 now. It’s almost as if it were sunset. Oh wait, sunset was 1622 local.

After a brief pause and some friendly advice...

1956 Either back or new station. Suspect the latter.
2000 ZZ Top, Cheap Sunglasses
2001 SSTV dog with presumably cheap sunglasses
2003 Dog barks
2004 SSTV
2005 The station  has literally gone to the dogs.
2006 SSTV. ID as KDOG.
2008 SSTV another dog with sunglasses
2010 Off again.

Hello refmo and eriko,

By doubling your posts above (using 'quote'),
it would be possible to split your posts in two threads, one Unid, one KDOG,
with your names preserved.

Iíll do that. Thanks!

Just turned on the SDR and Lenny Kravitz is playing. S4, some fading, very good sound otherwise..

1943 Lenny Kravitz, American Woman
1944 sounded like Judas Priest, maybe?
1945 SSTV
1947 I was wrong, itís Nazareth, Miss Misery ( and Sasquatch groans?)
1948 SSTV
1951 OS speaking but I donít know the language.
1953 Off.

Saw the signal on 4065 earlier while listening to Radio Free Ireland, S3, very faint.

Music, Ray Charles, maybe? (nope, Van Morrison)

S4, tiny bit of fading.

2218 Van Morrison, Celtic New Year. Wonder if this is Radio Free Ireland?
2225 Harry Manx, Can’t Be Satisfied.
2228 OM speaking, ID as Radio Free Ireland.
2237 Off?
2238 Nope...or station change, different music.
2239 Marie Brennan, Follow the World (and still RFI)
2242 Signal now S6
2244 SSTV ID. This may not be the best frequency, seeing some HF radar in the background.
2246 More SSTV
2248 Off


The 4055 AM station is Radio Verdad, a licensed religious broadcaster from Guatemala

Thanks. Didnít want to call it a pirate until I heard enough content to be sure. Heck, I didnít post this until I found 4065 AM in previous loggings since itís close to the 75M band.

An S4 carrier here, but almost no audio.

Carrier dropped at 2348.

Definitely music. S4 with S3 QRM.  >:(

2251. Fading carrier now. At least the noise went away.

As a heads up, it looks like thereís another AM carrier on 4055 but itís too faint to give anything else.

S3 but clear here, other than some local QRM.

2305: Now up to S6, sounds great!
2312: The Beatles, the medley from Abbey Road.
2319: Off

S7 here, very nice sound, little fading, strong enough to punch through the local QRM.

Jazz, trumpet, piano, bass, drums @ 2228 UTC

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