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No joy from my QTH, but a PA SDR has a solid signal. Call it SIO 444
1657: White Christmas, electric guitar, piano, have no idea about the artist.
1710: Sign off ID for Ion Radio and OFF

Nice show. Thanks!

Just double posted this. My bad. (Thanks to the Mod who cleaned that up!)

S5, good audio.

Currently playing The Beatles, the medley from Abbey Road
0151 Polythene Pam
0152 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
0157 The End
0158 OM IDs as Disc Radio.
0201 Ray Conniff, “Warsaw Concerto”. Up to S7 now
0216 OFF

I see a carrier, but that’s it.

S2-3 here, two guys talking, interview format?
2105: Up to S4, music “Speak Softly” by Bit O’ Sweet
2149: Fish Heads!

2152: SSTV ID: Pee Wee Was Here.
2153: The Season’s Upon Us, The McMulligans

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 4244 LSB 2338 UTC 13 Dec 2018
« on: December 13, 2019, 2339 UTC »
Suspect Radio Free Ireland. Excellent signal here, S7, slight fading.

2342: Are ye sleeping Maggie, Tannanhill Weavers
2345: The Campleton/ Kilte Ball/ (and more), Tananhill Weavers
2350: The Cuillins of Rhum, Tannanhill Weavers
2354: The Plooboy Laddies/John Murray of Lochee, Tannanhill Weavers
2357: ID Radio Free Ireland with Patrick. (Voiceover)
2357: Life, Marie Brennan
(now 14-Dec)
0002: Celtic New Year, Van Morrison.
0008: Rag Bihag (Dusk Rag), Harry Manx
0010: Sunday Morning Ascension, Harry Manx
0014: Lady Writer, Dire Straits
0018: So Far Away, Dire Straits
0022: OFF

Maybe the same person on 6935? Caught the very tail of an image, saying “found my stash”

Good audio, thought it was a Canadian WEFAX station at first.

S6 at 2259...then off...on...off...on.  Some fading, some noise, but more than listenable.

2301: Believe that’s the Blackbird Set by the Tannenhill Weavers.
2305: Host ID as Radio Free Ireland
2307: “if you’re radio’s fuses aren’t popping, you're not running enough power”
2308: Harry Manx, Bring that Thing.

Here, it’s like a sad Hayes modem because NO CARRIER

Sun has just set, though.

(First Post.  :) )

SIO 333, some fade in Chicago. Wideband USB signal, seeing up to 7K above the dial frequency. Great sound when I can hear it fully - seriously, the best I've heard from an USB pirate, applause! Trance/ambient at 1834. Heard "M R I Mix Radio International" but didn't notice the time, appx 1825

Aha, matched a song.

1839 "We Are The Light" Markus Schulz.
1841 "This is Mix Radio International Worldwide" then after that "Thank you for listening to Mix Radio."
1842 "Shir", Angel Tears.

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