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Good signal tonight X-FM via MRI

Witch City Radio from Salem, Mass. went on the air at 6935 just after Dr. Benway's Undercover Radio went OTA on 6940 beginning with cackling witch laughter. Nice S9 AM Signal clear using kiwisdr, Washington, DC

WREC is S7 using kiwisdr Washington DC.

The Yeah Man's in the Halloween Spirit. S7-S8 on kiwisdr, Fair Hill, Maryland.

Good signal tonight Sycko! Happy Halloween!

Good signal tonight Sycko! Happy Halloween!

Great reception tonight via kiwisdr in Washington, DC

Cool Music KXKVI don't know if its another rebroadcast via NAPRS or not I do like the content! Listening on kiwisdr, Washington, DC. Whoever is jamming the signal may your transmitter blow out!!!

The Yeah Man is S9 on kiwisdr Fair Hill, Maryland.

A Solid S9 for the broadcast using kiwisdr in Washington, DC.

0137: Sycko, just tuned in with my sdr got you at a solid S9. Good signal here in central Wisconsin. Sorry I missed some of the earlier Halloween songs. Thanks, Sycko for another great Halloween Show! Spooky, Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha!!! ;D 0238 and still going strong!

ID sounded like Fine Tuned Radio.

My Sharona and Radio Airplane ID most likely via NAPRS. S9 on kiwisdr Fair Hill, Maryland, little fading. Good signal tonight NAPRS!

The Yeah Man is S9.

s9 using kiwisdr Fair Hill, Maryland. Audio sounds good to me for USB.

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