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S8 good signal on kiwisdr in Fair Hill, Maryland, nothing in Central Wisconsin on my Yaesu

S8 for Pigs Knuckles tonight here in Central Wisconsin.

WLIS's 5th Anniversary Show is S7 using kiwisdr in Columbia, Maryland.

Listening for last hour at S9+10 on kiwisdr Fair Hill, Maryland. ID as ION Radio at 2130 UTC then off.

Glad they gave an afternoon replay of the show S8 here. Thanks!

ID as Captain Morgan Shortwave at 0120 UTC S9+10 on kiwisdr in Fair Hill, Maryland.

Hola Radio heard with Music and Dogs barking has to be WDOG.

S9 for Million Dollar Weekend and Yeah Man Radio listening on kiwisdr Fair Hill, Maryland.

Another installment of Dickey Radio S7-S9 on Columbia, MD kiwisdr.

Radio Mushroom ID at 2337 UTC. a little problem with USB frequency drift. Better at 6934.96 USB.

Finally was able to make out what was said: "Dickie...Where is Dickie?" using kiwisdr in Fair Hill, Maryland. Unless they say something else I'd call it Dickie Radio.

S5-S7 here in Central Wisconsin. Clear of noise and perfect SSTV Thunder Chicken Radio image just before 2330 UTC. S7-S8 as of 2333 UTC.

WBOG is S7-S9 via Fair Hill, Maryland kiwisdr, nada here in Central Wisconsin.

Outhouse Radio is S7 here in Central Wisconsin.

Radio Mushroom is S7 here in Central Wisconsin.

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