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DJ Dickweed is on the air S9 here in Central Wisconsin. Athem fanfare then DJ Dickweed requesting HFU Posts to confirm someone is hearing him at 2200 UTC then music. Checked out Fair Hill, Maryland kiwisdr there your S9 +10!

B-Side Radio is S6-S7 here in Central Wisconsin. Crappy signal though tonight, just above the band noise. Improves a little bit if you listen in USB but not much.

S1-S6 signal just above noise level with barely audible B-Side Radio ID. Signal picking up at 0130 UTC to S3-S7.

S7-S9 tinny AM Transmitter signal with Peter Frampton. OFF at 0030. Upon recording review Food Island Broadcasting ID. Voice tinny with some squeal on audio.

S8-S9 AM Signal with early 1970s rock with buzzing interference. Interference disappeared low level YL ID didn't catch it at 2330. Sudden downing of signal to S1 at 2340. Upon review of my recording YL ID was Locomotive Radio.

Radio 48 sirens and ID at 10 over perfect USB signal then off at 0245 UTC

I have a strong blues station at S9 here in Central Wisconsin. Captain Morgan Shortwave ID with Twilight Zone Theme at 0201 UTC. ID again at 0211 UTC then off. Strongest AM signal from Captain Morgan Shortwave I've received so far.

Jazzy tune playing. S7 just above the noise. Off Back on at 6939.1 AM at S8.

"Black Swan Radio calling the east coast of North America" S8 here in Central Wisconsin. Signal now at S9 at 0040 UTC. 0050: Music now down to S7 occasionally being swallowed by band noise. 0057: Op says "We will conclude at 0100 UTC to Eastern North America." Thanks for the broadcast!

Strong USB Signal at S7 music saying "Black Swan Radio calling western North America" at 0302 UTC then off at 0304.

North American Shortwave Pirate / KDOG 6930 USB 2335UTC 25 Nov 2022
« on: November 25, 2022, 2339 UTC »
Flute Jazzy Music interlude at S8 then People's Court parody at S8! Next The Price Is Right parody! Audio a little muffled here in Central Wisconsin but S8 and strong! Funny Stuff! "The Fine Is Right" continues!! Guessing pirate radio fines game show!! "Unsolved Pirates" fake ad. music interlude still at S8 here. then interval signal then Big Band music on MAC shortwave then Radio Animal. Seems like a pirate radio compilation Perfect Clarity on SSTV 2 Images: KDOG ID. Off at 0120UTC. Thanks for the excellent broadcast KDOG!!!

Good S8 SSTV Images coming through in 6950 AM here in Central Wisconsin. Recording SSTV signals have decoded them yet. Broadcast begins with Radar Love by Golden Earring. Good copy on AM signal but audio a little distorted or overdriven. DB Cooper news flashes from CBS news. Now music a little distorted but all music seems to be about DB Cooper. Drama about DB Cooper activities on airline. More Music. Signal dropping to S6-S7 battling with band noise now. No stated ID yet. Guess its DB Cooper Radio. Off.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Unid 6938 USB 0205UTC 22 NOV 2022
« on: November 22, 2022, 0209 UTC »
Strong electronic music S8 here in central Wisconsin. Off a few minutes later.

S8 on the Automated Pirate Radio Show here in Central Wisconsin. Did shoutouts to me and Skipmuck at 0114 UTC. Thanks! Very original program enjoyed it completely! Stayed at S8 throughout the show! Switched over to 6925 USB and SSTV at 0115 UTC. Program dropped to S7 here and plagued with band noise at 0128UTC. Dropping into the noise at 0131UTC at S6-S5. Still audible with noise and squealing yet.

6 SSTV Images sent only over a period of 15 minutes between 2300-2315 UTC. Don't know how to insert SSTV images into this page otherwise I'd share the 6 images.

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