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Brain Brothers Experimental Broadcast is S9 here in Central Wisconsin on my sdr. Jazz Music guessing from the 40s. Music interrupted by opening words from Orson Welles Mercury Theatre production of War of the Worlds then back to Music.

AM Stereo 1620 ID at 0130 UTC. Nice Big S9+10 AM signal using kiwisdr in Fair Hill, Maryland. S9 on my own sdr here in Central Wisconsin. Huge wide AM signal. Great Oldies! Off in the middle of the song at 0142 UTC. Thanks for the brief broadcast! Thanks!

S7 YL Spanish songs & guitar using kiwisdr, Fair Hill, Maryland. ION Radio ID at 2100 UTC. 40 Watts broadcast. Gabi Moreno vocalist.

The Yeah Man is S7 on kiwisdr, Fair Hill, Maryland. Good 60s memories music. Thanks! Signal up to S8 peaking S9 as of 2220 UTC.

DJ Dickweed is S9 using kiwisdr Fair Hill, Maryland; also S9 on my sdr here in Central Wisconsin. Good signal, today getting out there. Re-broadcast cut short OTA at 2152.

77 Lima Juliet Sierra is S9 on kiwisdr, Fair Hill, Maryland.

Huh? / Re: 77LJS 6950 USB 0130 UTC 23 MAY 2023
« on: May 23, 2023, 0159 UTC »
Another cheerful reading by 77LJS. Highly fascinating if you're a paranoid survivalist, boring as hell for the rest of us. There's my one and only commentary on 77LJS. S6-S8 here in Central Wisconsin. Good copy.

It is WDOG: Dogs howling. S9 on Fair Hill, Maryland kiwisdr. Morse code under music WDOG at 2325. Voice ID WDOG at 2328 UTC. S7 on my own sdr here in Central Wisconsin. Nice wide USB signal. Off at 0123 UTC. Back on at 0125 UTC. Signal up to S9 here in Central Wisconsin. Second program: Beatles songs that don't get much airplay.

S7-S8 for spacey sound effects, country songs. ID Outhouse Radio SSTV Image at 0310 UTC. Thanks for the I-D-O-U-T-H-O-U-S-E.

DJ Dickweed is on the air S9 here in Central Wisconsin. Athem fanfare then DJ Dickweed requesting HFU Posts to confirm someone is hearing him at 2200 UTC then music. Checked out Fair Hill, Maryland kiwisdr there your S9 +10!

B-Side Radio is S6-S7 here in Central Wisconsin. Crappy signal though tonight, just above the band noise. Improves a little bit if you listen in USB but not much.

S1-S6 signal just above noise level with barely audible B-Side Radio ID. Signal picking up at 0130 UTC to S3-S7.

S7-S9 tinny AM Transmitter signal with Peter Frampton. OFF at 0030. Upon recording review Food Island Broadcasting ID. Voice tinny with some squeal on audio.

S8-S9 AM Signal with early 1970s rock with buzzing interference. Interference disappeared low level YL ID didn't catch it at 2330. Sudden downing of signal to S1 at 2340. Upon review of my recording YL ID was Locomotive Radio.

Radio 48 sirens and ID at 10 over perfect USB signal then off at 0245 UTC

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