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Been listening to someone playing EZL vocals without any announcements for the past 15 minutes.  Transmitter is intermittent though, dropping for a few seconds to a minute or so at a time.  No idea who this might be!  Into Masset, BC  Sometimes at good level.  (Gone now at 22:36, though).

Good reception into Masset at 03:13 UTC March 13th.  Came on a few minutes ago.  Lots of static tonight.  Usual less than phone quality, but otherwise good reception.  Tonight about Christianity as the greatest hoax.  Transmitter cut for several seconds at 03:16.   73,  Walt

Open carrier noted until 01:30, then countdown and into ID for B-Side Radio.  Something different tonight....an oldies comedy program.  Very good into Masset, BC.

Utility / 9310 USB 0538 continuous Russian national anthem
« on: February 10, 2023, 0539 UTC »
A strange one, for sure.  Continuous loop of the Russian NA heard last night, and again tonight, about the same time.  Last night went off about 06:00.  Improving over time.  Seems to be coming from Russia from what I can tell.  Wonder who might this be.  First noted a week or two ago.   73,  Walt (Masset, BC)

Very strong signal in AM with some over-modulation with a loop YL and OM repeating in Spanish.  Radio Independente, Radio Libre for about a minute, then off.  Presently off.  Saw the carrier earlier, so might come back again. 
Measuring 6959.919 kHz.  Back again at 02:30:30  After the YL says, "Radio Independente, Radio Libre", she goes on and says, "Aqui Nacional.....???".  Should be easy for a Spanish speaker!  Still going at 02:35 and remains very strong.
Played "El Chapo Mas Buscado (version Norteno)  by Ariel Nuno y La Nueva Generacion.    Then ID at 02:41  ("Esta es....?) and into Asunto Pendiente by Buknas De Culiacan.

Frequency is unstable.  Right now on 6959.894 kHz

Esta Es, Zanahorias en Escabeche....ie  Mexican pickled carrots, no?   Seems to me I recall the same station quite some time ago!    CW decoded as this, and the ID just now (02:54) sure sounded like this!

Now multiple IDs again for same at 03:01.  For those out east, try my KiwiSDR at Haida.DXer.ca for a great signal!

La Talla (En Vivo)  by Alamenos De La Sierra to 03:04, then YL ID, and back to Mexican music.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6932 AM 0349 UTC 29 JAN 2023
« on: January 29, 2023, 0352 UTC »
Very good reception into Masset, with Always on my Mind, by Loverboy at 03:51.  An unusual frequency selection, but it's working well! 
And off after this song at 03:55 UTC.  Whoever you were, many thanks!

 QSL PSE    Walt

Surprised no one has posted this one.  Last night was a complete bust here in Masset, BC, 200 km due south of Ketchikan AK as far as any pirates were concerned.  Propagation has been awful for a few days now.  Good signal on this AM station with Jazz music playing .  Star Dust  by Lionel Hampton and His Orchestra at 01:57.  Absolutely nothing on the 4180 and 4190 USB frequencies.   Happy New Year from Haida Gwaii (Masset)!   

02:05:   Much stronger now.  Just about armchair, as is the usual for B-Side Radio in these parts!  QSL?
02:15:  Minnie The Moocher by Cab Calloway.   

Really booming in now.  Thanks for the shout out, Bud Bigley!  10,000 mW, eh?   Nice! 

Just barely audible into Masset, BC.  Frequency might match Capt Morgan.  No one else hearing or reporting tonight?  Also noted on Don Moman's Kiwi in Lamonte, AB about equal strength.  Rose up suddenly to fair level, but only for a few seconds.  Perhaps improving a bit now. 

Off suddenly at 01:51 UTC

Back again at 02:15 or so.  Now at fair to fair + level.
Clean Sheets by the Descendents    (a new band to me).   Frequency measures now 6949.565

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJAN 6925 USB 2329 UTC 24 Dec 2022
« on: December 24, 2022, 2330 UTC »
Fair to good reception of an unid Pirate playing Ava Maria, then Jingle Bell rock.  Heard in Masset, BC.  100 km due south of Ketchikan, AK.

MW Loggings / KTIL Spur 1710 AM 0200 UTC 21 DEC 2022
« on: December 21, 2022, 0220 UTC »
I have no idea who this might be, but I'm hearing a rock music station on 1710 kHz from Masset, BC (100 km south of Ketchikan, AK) heard on a 110 deg DKAZ antenna feeding a KiwiSDR.  First tuned in just before 02:00 UTC, and much improved at 02:10 UTC.  Talking at 02:12.  Cincinnati Bengals mentioned.  A string of ads at 02:18.  Not sure what to think.  A bit too weak to catch any IDs, I'm afraid.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6932 USB 0130 UTC 13 OCT 2022
« on: October 13, 2022, 0131 UTC »
Halloween type program with gongs and constant scary laughter from 01:30 UTC into Masset, BC.  Fair reception.  Still another hour until local sunset here off the NW coast of North America.  I also caught the SSTV image without any caption of a pig being ridden by a standing (I thought a mouse, but perhaps a monkey!).  Off with 2 snorts at 02:06:42.  QSL welcomed to CANSWL@gmail.com.  73,  Walt

Weak reception from my SDR in Masset BC, south of Ketchikan AK.  Too weak to understand much content, nor to ID the music.

There's YHWH cochannel under (mostly) occasionally over CRI in English.  I know he's used 15785 during the day, but never in the early evening!  Not a smart choice up here in Masset, BC

Latin American Pirate / AD149 Radio 6934.88 AM 0256 UTC 25 Dec 2021
« on: December 25, 2021, 0425 UTC »
Poor signal from Masset in AM playing music.  Don't see this listed so far on HFU.  Anyone else hearing it?
Fair signal rechecking at 02:56 playing:  Fusilados por la Cruz Roja    So wonder if it's a Latin American pirate? (same question about 6964.877)
Mi Perro Dinamita at 03:03 UTC.  No announcement between music.  Tarea Fina at 03:12 UTC.   Queso Ruso at 03:28.  I'd love a QSL from the OP if possible!    ****I tried an Argentinian KiwiSDR and sure enough there was a strong signal on 6935, but with an OC.  Both my station and the Argentinian Kiwi signed off at just before 03:03, so perhaps a LA Pirate?*****  Just dead air for the last minute or two.    This must be AD149 AM from Argentina, it seems....

Another unid I'm listening to at poor to fair level playing at 02:52 UTC:  El Mariachi Loco Quiere Bailar    Ideas?
Off at 03:08 UTC

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