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Fair reception into Masset at 02:48 UTC on 1 March, 2024.  Unfortunately, a bad choice of frequency here, as the channel has a LOT of OTH radar pulses below, on, and above the channel, although in the clear at the moment (02:49 UTC)....spoke too soon, they're back!

Tough copy into Masset, BC at poor/fair level from 01:07 UTC tune-in.  Not surprising as it's still over an hour until LSS.
Indeed, they signed off at 02:19 UTC.  Unfortunately, the signal did not improve to much, but the good news is that my in-box had a QSL waiting
for me.  The station is called, "Musical Soundtrack Radio", and the eQSL features HAIR (of course), with a notation that, "Lucky you!  You heard our first broadcast".  Many thanks to the op for this unexpected surprise!

SSTV noted, but missed the decode, as I was up 5 on 6955.  Strong reception into Masset, BC
04:35  In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry
05:30  Oops, transmitter problems.  Cut suddenly, then came back for a second, then gone again, but back again now at 05:31
Off at 05:38 tonight.  Thanks for the program!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6955 USB 0420 UTC 25 FEB 2024
« on: February 25, 2024, 0425 UTC »
Excellent reception into Masset, BC
04:24   Do the Twist
Note the other pirate just 5 below on 6950 USB at the same time!   Trance is still there in the mud on 6935 AM.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 0420 UTC 25 FEB 2024
« on: February 25, 2024, 0422 UTC »
Good reception at 04:21 UTC tune-in, with Mandy
Note:  at same time, there's another pirate on 6955 USB, with even stronger signal.  All this into Masset, BC

Fair reception into Masset with techno music at 03:30.  No id'able with Shazam.  Lots of, "bam, bam, bam".  Measuring 6934.976  No chance this is AD149 from Argentina?   
03:34   Answering my own question, no, it's not AD149.  ID in English just given:  "You are listening to * * * * *" phonetically.  At first, I thought it sounded like a 4 letter callsign, but  another letter was added.  A bit too weak to be sure.  I have it taped, though.  Then back to more techno music. 
04:02  Now I can hear it.  "You are listening to T R A N C E Radio", repeated twice.
04:18  Pretty rough copy now, so I'm going up to 6950 and 6955, both have active USB pirates now.   Thanks for the QSO!

Good, but a little noisy tonight on the pirate band into Masset, BC
Tuned in at 02:13 UTC with Xanadu (Live in London) by Rush
02:19  A Passage to Bangkok (also Rush)
02:22  "Attention all planets of the solar federation.  We have assumed control"...half-way through this, signal suddenly became very good!   Not sure what happened.  Now armchair copy!
02:23  The Trees (Live in Manchester 1980) by Rush
Oh, oh!  Huge noise blob now (02:33) from 6959 to 6972 screwing around with the reception of 6969!   
02:44   That's more like it.  VERY powerful on new frequency, 6980 USB and still playing Rush.
03:00  Much weaker again sometime in the last few minutes.  Op must be experimenting with power and/or antennas.  Brief ute on high side, but only briefly.
La Villa Strangiato (Live At Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands/1979) by Rush
03:02  "West Coast, this is for you" at same time, signal became very powerful again!  "West coast, give me some audio reports.  2500 miles away."   Then back into Xanadu (Rush).  There you go, op!
03:16  Good Night, Sweetheart.  It's time to go   (note, signal dropped again beginning with this piece).
03:18  All Summer Long by the Beach Boys
03:20  Off after the same, "Attention all planets", although a brief muffled voice a few seconds later, about Late night Shortwave. 
A MOST enjoyable program.  Thanks, and please eQSL!!!

Great reception into Masset, BC at 01:03 tune-in (after listening to LRA36)
01:04  What Will I Tell My Heart by Dolly Dawn
01:09  Wolverine Radio ID, then It's a Sin to Tell a Lie by Billie Holiday

As always, superb audio into Masset, BC with very mellow oldies. 
03:58  Fly Away (Live) by Brother Jack McDuff

Boomed into Masset, and caught just as op was signing off.  Next time :-)    73,  Walt (Masset, BC)

Fair reception with some digital crap cochannel, with, "This is a test transmission from Free Radio Boston" several times to 04:06 UTC, then off.  That's a long way from Masset, BC (due south of Ketchikan, AK)! 

Good vibrations came in very well into Masset.  Prior to that, dead air, and prior to that he played Oh Canada (and not the Star Spangled Banner), or was I imagining things? 

"You're listening to,...." at 00:27 UTC into Masset   Fair strength without any QRM. 
ID again at 00:45 (with reverb)  "You're listening to 77 Lima Juliet Sierra", followed by an oldies Anacin commercial. 
Off at 00:51 UTC    Thanks for the interesting show!

04:30 A song that Shazam can't ID...mostly because the incessant static crashes into Masset.  English talk at 04:32:30
Fair at best into Masset, BC   Best on my North Beverage antenna
05:29  Old Radio Stockholm IS several times.  ....man those static crashes are fierce tonight!

VERY Strong reception into Masset, BC
03:11  Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker
There is digital QRM occasionally on the high side of the frequency.  Using SAM open pretty wide to enjoy the music!  Also a fair amount of "summer static" tonight!
03:14:40  Boat Anchor Radio ID
03:15  Shazam nor AHA can ID this non-English pop song.
03:18  Wild Wild Party by Darryl Vincent
03:24:  once again Shazam nor AHA ID.  Transmitter cut at 03:25:20

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