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Well thank you!  Very intermittent, so indeed testing.  Often at really good levels, and excellent modulation!  Thanks for the QSO!  Presumably North American based?  Wasn't sure whether I was hearing a Europirate!  73,  Walt

Been listening to someone playing EZL vocals without any announcements for the past 15 minutes.  Transmitter is intermittent though, dropping for a few seconds to a minute or so at a time.  No idea who this might be!  Into Masset, BC  Sometimes at good level.  (Gone now at 22:36, though).

Good reception into Masset at 03:13 UTC March 13th.  Came on a few minutes ago.  Lots of static tonight.  Usual less than phone quality, but otherwise good reception.  Tonight about Christianity as the greatest hoax.  Transmitter cut for several seconds at 03:16.   73,  Walt

Not as strong compared to 4080 AM, but still, thanks for the rebroadcast!   73,  Walt

Good reception into Masset, BC at 05:11 check.  Forgot to check earlier!   Walt

Open carrier noted until 01:30, then countdown and into ID for B-Side Radio.  Something different tonight....an oldies comedy program.  Very good into Masset, BC.

Latin American Pirate / Re: Radio Antares 7400 AM 2335 UTC 16 FEB 2023
« on: February 17, 2023, 0449 UTC »
Really booming into Masset, BC at 04:47 UTC  playing Objects in the Mirror a-ha.  Presumptive logging.  Barely audible last night, but great tonight.  Do they QSL?   
Yep, it's them with ID ?I think, and time check in Portuguese at 04:52, and immediately back to music.  Build by the Housemartins. 

Utility / Re: 9310 USB 0538 continuous Russian national anthem
« on: February 11, 2023, 0442 UTC »
Thanks for explaining things!   Now to check the other channels for any activity!   73,   Walt

Utility / 9310 USB 0538 continuous Russian national anthem
« on: February 10, 2023, 0539 UTC »
A strange one, for sure.  Continuous loop of the Russian NA heard last night, and again tonight, about the same time.  Last night went off about 06:00.  Improving over time.  Seems to be coming from Russia from what I can tell.  Wonder who might this be.  First noted a week or two ago.   73,  Walt (Masset, BC)

Exceptionally strong into Masset, BC and fabulous fidelity with Jazz music at 03:39 tune-in.  Thanks for such a beautiful local-like transmission!!!!   Walt

Say it Isn't So at 04:48 at good level into Masset, BC. "You are listening to Mix Radio International (YL), followed by, "Welcome to Mix Radio International" by OM at 04:50.  Thanks for the broadcast.  QSL?    Walt

0232 UTC male and female conversation in Spanish S6 over the noise
No, not a conversation, but YL/OM saying the same thing, over and over again. 

Very strong signal in AM with some over-modulation with a loop YL and OM repeating in Spanish.  Radio Independente, Radio Libre for about a minute, then off.  Presently off.  Saw the carrier earlier, so might come back again. 
Measuring 6959.919 kHz.  Back again at 02:30:30  After the YL says, "Radio Independente, Radio Libre", she goes on and says, "Aqui Nacional.....???".  Should be easy for a Spanish speaker!  Still going at 02:35 and remains very strong.
Played "El Chapo Mas Buscado (version Norteno)  by Ariel Nuno y La Nueva Generacion.    Then ID at 02:41  ("Esta es....?) and into Asunto Pendiente by Buknas De Culiacan.

Frequency is unstable.  Right now on 6959.894 kHz

Esta Es, Zanahorias en Escabeche....ie  Mexican pickled carrots, no?   Seems to me I recall the same station quite some time ago!    CW decoded as this, and the ID just now (02:54) sure sounded like this!

Now multiple IDs again for same at 03:01.  For those out east, try my KiwiSDR at Haida.DXer.ca for a great signal!

La Talla (En Vivo)  by Alamenos De La Sierra to 03:04, then YL ID, and back to Mexican music.

Good reception into Masset at 01:27 UTC.  "Someone wants dance music". 

My guess would be B Side Radio testing.

Right, Lucas.  I figured likely him.  So much for QSLs, though!  73!

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