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Blaster of a signal tonight into Masset, BC.  I'm measuring 6925.275 in AM mode.  Sign off at 03:36 after a boat anchor SSTV image.  Excellent reception throughout.  Thanks for the fun! 

Fair to good reception into Masset, BC but almost 90 minutes before LSS.
01:36   Block Rockin' Beats by The Chemical Brothers
01:37  Robotic sounding ID, followed by Alive by Pearl Jam
then, "Attention all planets of the solar federation, we have assumed control"  repeated several times.
01:40  The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair (22/6/69 Pop Sundae) by Led Zeppelin
....01:52   The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
01:53   "Attention all planets again", then Mr Postman
....Thanks for the heads up, at 01:58!!!
02:20   West coast transmitter on, with a marked improvement to very good level.  Audio test mentioned at 02:20:28.  Excellent audio and much louder than before!
02:25  "Wake up the west coast", while playing The Joker by the Steve Miller Band
....  03:04   Great signal continues into Masset, BC and especially from 5 minutes ago, but looks like the transmitter is switched back now to the East coast transmitter.  Barely any difference noted out here off the NW coast of North America!

Fair to good reception into Masset at 01:34 tune-in.

Great signal into Masset, with Radio Igloo ID at 01:29, followed by Radio Sweden IS, some music and the transmitter cut.

Absolutely a massive signal into Masset, BC at 03:03

Good reception into Masset at 03:01 UTC tune-in (after Channel 94 sign off).
Drop in transmission at 03:02:50, mid song.   ID for WTF Radio just when I tuned in.  Did something blow?
Right, 6963 USB now.   03:05   Shake Some Action by Flamin' Groovies
Off at 03:50:18 UTC    Thanks for the show!   

Right after WDOG left the air, tuned up to 6950U and noted White Love (Radio Mix) by One Dove.  Good reception, although somewhat weak.
02:05   "From the United States of America, this is ????"   then into Round Here, by Counting Crows
02:11  ID clearly this time:  Channel 94 Shortwave (at) gmail.com
Listened to the entire program.  Really nice music.  Frequent Channel 94 IDs and email address.  Off at 03:00.  Thanks for the show!  QSL PSE!

Good reception into Masset with ID for WDOG at 02:02, then off?  Music beforehand.

I had a listen to the audio.  This is all Ukrainian Radio, with many IDs (in Ukrainian, including the IS, but interestingly, sometimes followed by ?Mayak IS once, then back to Ukr Radio IS), but the programming is all in Russian, especially regarding the Russian Volunteer Corps incursion into Belgorod.  Thanks for the interesting link!   Towards the end, (ie, 1:27) though, there *might* be some Ukrainian programming, but it's starting to fade quite badly by then.

Poor to fair reception into Masset, BC at 02:37 UTC tune-in.  Lots of static tonight.
02:54  Moonraker by Shirley Bassey
02:56  For Your Eyes Only
02:59  All Time High by Rita Coolidge
03:02   "You are listening to...."    also email address   ....radio.com  (or) ....radio@gmail.com
03:03  Unidentified song, and then another at 03:07 UTC
03:21   Tomorrow Never Dies by Cheryl Crowe (reception has really picked up just now....good reception now, but still with the static)
03:46   Continues but really down in the mud now

Good reception into Masset, BC at 03:01 tune in with slow EZL music, followed by a SSTV image (Scottie 2) showing "UNiD"in blue block letters, and perhaps a small caption underneath (not readable here, but may have been ruined by some digital hash during the SSTV transmission).  Off after that, it seems.

Another very weak station into Masset with English talk at 02:10, but seemingly off now (02:11)
Spoke too soon.  At 02:11:30, he's back.  "Now I have to talk about how constipated I am", etc.   "Don't get me started...."
Perhaps a 2-way QSO?  Dead air again for a bit, now back again at 02:14 UTC.  Mentions of Republicans.   Not sure what to make of this!

Only just fair into Masset, BC at 02:07 tune-in
02:09  playing Fu Vibe & Yi by DJ ILL
SSTV image at 02:46.  Cartoonish looking picture...possibly Japanese or Asian?  Wearing a black cap, I think, with 2024(?) logo.  LOL.  Thanks for the positive ID, MyTeaQuinn!  Wooly Booger Radio?   That's a new one for me!
In the meantime, another SSTV image came up, but again, it's difficult to tell what it is exactly! 

Pounding into Masset, after Boat Anchor Radio signed off at 05:00.
Measuring 6959.607 in beautiful AM playing Timekiller by Project Pitchfork
"Transmitter is smoking.  Smoking will kill you", and presumably the same in German. 05:24  A bit distorted.  They also gave email address earlier (computer generated) but very distorted, so difficult to follow.
Double Life by Die Form at 05:25   Very strong signal into Masset!
Radioactivity by Kraftwerk to 05:52, then ID for Stern Radio with email address...easier to follow   sternradiok666@outlook.com
Then, an anthem, which Shazam IDs as:  Nsk by Laibach   (the words are Churchill's, no?)   Thanks for the interesting broadcast! 
Carrier cut just before 05:57 with a zip! 

Wow!  Booming into Masset at 04:04 UTC playing The World of Genius Hans by Moving Gelatin Plates
Frequent IDs as Boat Anchor Radio, and giving their Proton.me email address.  Off at 05:00 UTC with an echoey, "Boat Anchor Radio".  Thanks for the very enjoyable program!   I did find that the signal did fade a bit towards the final portion of the program, but still very nice!   

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