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04:30 A song that Shazam can't ID...mostly because the incessant static crashes into Masset.  English talk at 04:32:30
Fair at best into Masset, BC   Best on my North Beverage antenna
05:29  Old Radio Stockholm IS several times.  ....man those static crashes are fierce tonight!

VERY Strong reception into Masset, BC
03:11  Boom Boom by John Lee Hooker
There is digital QRM occasionally on the high side of the frequency.  Using SAM open pretty wide to enjoy the music!  Also a fair amount of "summer static" tonight!
03:14:40  Boat Anchor Radio ID
03:15  Shazam nor AHA can ID this non-English pop song.
03:18  Wild Wild Party by Darryl Vincent
03:24:  once again Shazam nor AHA ID.  Transmitter cut at 03:25:20

Very strong reception into Masset, BC but modulation seems off.  Generally low, and harsh to my ears.
03:00  Set You Free (Cryo Edit) by Fiction 8
03:04  Machine voice about transmitter having technical problems.  "Please write" or something like that.
03:05  Operating Tracks by Front 242  Noted a few very brief transmitter breaks.

Very nice reception using SAM on my KiwiSDR in Masset at 02:22 UTC playing Hurt So Bad  by Linda Ronstadt
02:24:  Ballsmacker ID, email, and contest details.
02:25:  Bad Love by Eric Clapton
02:34:  Bad Girls by Donna Summer

Fair + reception into Masset, BC at 01:50 UTC with a fair amount of static tonight. 
01:51   Will It Go Round In Circles  by  Billy Preston

Came on shortly after 02:05 UTC at good to very good level into Masset, BC
Tonight was a very busy pirate evening our way!!! 
"WTF Radio Worldwide" jingle at 03:15 just before signing off, and what I assume is their IS repeated several times, then off at 03:17, but with someone saying, "oh common now.  Don't stop now" a few seconds later! 

Good reception into Masset, BC using my 40/220 ALA 100LN antenna with a nice SSTV image of Damn Skippy at 04:15 UTC

04:18  I'm The Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised) by Johnny Paycheck
04:21  I Ain't Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings
04:26:  When Did I Get Old by Derrick Dove & the Peacekeepers
04:31:  Pissin' In The Wind by Jerry Jeff Walker
04:35:  Piss On the Wall by The J. Geils Band   (is there a theme here?!!!)
04:38:  Piss by Pantera
04:48:  N.W.O. by Ministry
04:52ish:  Something In the Water by Pokey LaFarge
04:55:  unid song!
04:57:  Banditos by Refreshments
05:03:  Wrong Hole by DJ Lubel
05:08:  If You're Gonna Be Dumb by Smut Peddlers
05:11:  Piss Up a Rope by Ween
05:13:  8 Miles a Gallon by Scott Miller & The Commonwealth
05:16:  unid song
to 05:23:  Northsider by Casper Capone, then Shamanic Tea (Ajja Remix)by Tripswitch
05:26:  SSTV image (Scottie 2):  Strange looking creature ?a ghost or is that a tooth?
05:28:  unid music, but then off a few moments later.    Good night, and thanks for the fun broadcast!

Fair to good reception but cochannel LSB pescadore fishermen ruining reception.  Lots of heavy beats which Shazam and AHA are having difficulty with.  Finally at 03:46, Shazam IDs as:  It's Up To You (dumonde rmx) by Rank 1
Frequency measures 6934.967    Should this be AD149???
It's Up To You (Symsonic) (Dumonde Remix Edit) by Rank 1 at 03:49
04:00:  I just received an email stating that it's TRANCE and that a QSL will be on it's way.  THANK YOU! 

05:31:  Still going and a little better now into Masset without the Spanish fishermen cochannel!  Poor to fair at the moment, with same genre music as earlier in the evening.  By the way, many thanks for the eQSL.  Much appreciated!!!

Very good reception at 01:29 UTC tune in, into Masset, BC with Who do you Love?
Who'll Stop the Rain? by CCR at 01:31
Great decode of SSTV image before signing off at 02:00 UTC.  Thanks for the program, on a channel normally dominated out here by B-Side Radio! 

Absolutely 5-5-5 signal into Masset tonight with Blue Bayou at 02:24 tune-in.  Great programming!!!   Thanks, as always!
Sweetie Baby, by Floyd Cramer at 02:26 

Good reception already into Masset, BC from 00:59 UTC tune-in.  Almost an hour until local sunset here. 
Was that a, "Whatever" at 01:01:50?
Off at 01:32 at very nice level!

Strong but with perhaps transmitter problems at 05:22 UTC.  Big band type music, but then dead air (or perhaps someone very weakly heard still)?   
God Save the King at 05:25.  Then Drink in My Hand, by Eric Church.  Clearly he's playing with power or antennas, as initially quite weak, then suddenly much improved to very good level.  Then down again at 05:27:25 to fair level.  Then at 05:29, back to very good reception with Margaritaville, by Jimmy Buffett.
Thought he had signed off for the evening at 05:40 with a prolonged dead air, but came back just now with Wagon Wheel
DJ did give an ID of sorts, "Broadcasting to North America", but I didn't get anything else, if there was more.
Continues at 05:59 UTC with a really nice selection of music! 

Weakly heard into Masset, BC at 04:00 tune-in.
Gone when rechecked at 04:10 UTC.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 AM 0400 UTC 7 FEB 2024
« on: February 07, 2024, 0407 UTC »
Booming into Masset, as usual, at 04:01 tune-in with the usual very nice instrumental music.
Contemplation by McCoy Tyner at 04:07 UTC   Thanks!

Very strong into Masset, BC at 02:55 UTC  playing Freak like me (we don't give a damn), by Sugababes then,
Are 'Friends' Electric? (THE PSYCHONAUTS & ONE MAN NAMED MO) by Tubeway Army
Dog (or wolf) howling at 02:58, then off.  Thanks for the program!

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