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Weak music in the noise.
0132: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
0142: Off or lost totally in the noise.
0148: Back
0154: We Will Rock You

0237: Sounds like someone is dialing a rotary phone and whistling.

Good S9 signal
0203: Quinn The Eskimo.
0206: Banana Boat Song
0229: Shout outs and mention of having to go to work, into In The Jailhouse
0232: Off

Thanks for the broadcast tonight, enjoyed the music.

Unid station came on several minutes after Thunder Chicken Radio signed off. The op said something which sounded like  "Mexican Black Bird" (if memory serves me, didn't have the recorder running then) Only played about three songs total and sent a SSTV image. No other talk or ID was given.
Off around 0137 UTC.

QSLs Received / Crapola Pirate Radio QSL
« on: March 14, 2023, 0007 UTC »
Received this QSL from Crapola Pirate Radio for tonight's broadcast. Thank you.

0503: Series of station ID's. Good S7 signal nut noisy. Seems off now.

Nice S7 signal with some classic Rock and Roll.
0237: Station ID. Great Balls Of Fire
0246: Good Golly Miss Molly

The Ball Smacker interval signal is up with a S9 signal.

Thanks for the broadcast tonight.

QSLs Received / WDOG QSLs
« on: March 10, 2023, 0120 UTC »
Received two of these nice QSLs for their FEB 19 and MAR 3 broadcast. Thank you.

S3 signal with music and an ID at 0451 UTC.

Weak signal with Riders on the Storm.

Very nice S7 signal here with station ID.

Interval signal is a S7 on a noisy band.
0200: Station ID.

QSLs Received / Mystery Science Radio QSL
« on: March 04, 2023, 0026 UTC »
Received this nice QSL for yesterday's show. Thanks Mystery Science Radio.

Longwave Loggings / Iceland no longer on LW
« on: March 02, 2023, 1600 UTC »

Sounds like a very weak music beat and some peskies.
0139: Peskies seems gone with some EDM. Signal is stronger now.
0156: Signal went from being unintelligible to readable. Signal is AM and Captain Morgan Shortwave ID.

Just like Pigmeat said.

0218: Off for good I believe.

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