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0220: Nice S7 signal with 40's music perhaps.
0222: Station ID

0204: Just sat down as WJAN was signing off. Very nice signal wish I had been here sooner.

1947: Just caught the last several seconds of the transmission. Something about "all the daddys:. Good signal, well what I heard anyway.
Just checked my recording, here is my complete transcript: "good bye".
I'll have to remember to set-up the recorder when I turn on the radios from now on.

0031: Man talking and just mentioned Saudi Arabia and Thomas Jefferson? Pretty noisy and hard to understand.
0043: Man talking with the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background and into a rap song.
0105: Opera music.
0107: Gave an address probably for a QSL but couldn't make out all of it. Into an ID and back to classical muisc.

2255: S5 signal with some nice sounding music.
2301: Lineman For The County
2304: Off

1753: Very weak here as well. Signal is just above the noise with unidentified music.

0035: Nice S7 signal with music.
Just got the internet back.


0209: Off

2106: DJ Dickweed with Radio Free Whatever program.

0100: Station id and into music. S5 signal on a very noisy band.

2337: Very weak music, sounds like rap.

Received mine for the March 20th  broadcast. Thank you Sprint Contel.

Weak music in the noise.
0132: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
0142: Off or lost totally in the noise.
0148: Back
0154: We Will Rock You

0237: Sounds like someone is dialing a rotary phone and whistling.

2356: Nice signal with a comedy skit now. S9+ on the receiver.

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