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0209: Rather Go Blind by Carol M Dudley weak in the noise.
0218: Crazy by Lara Price Band.
0241: Man talking now mostly unreadable here.

0000: 29 Palms by Robert Plant.
0021: Dirty Pool by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble.

2358: Nice S9 signal playing No Problems by Ginger Root.
0031: Morning Light by Andreya Triana & Quantic.
0204: Off, thanks for the broadcast tonight.

Shambala by Three Dog Night came on right after WART signed off.
0323: One by Three Dog Night.
0326: Black and White by Three Dog Night.
0330: Station ID of "W D O" followed by dogs barking. So I'm calling it WDOG.

Op gave ID after SSTV image. Into Return to Source by Porangui & liquid Bloom.
0240: Feathered Serpent by Porangui, liquid Bloom & Savej..


Country music.
0101: Saddle In the Rain by John Pine. "Cluck, cluck, cluck"
0104" Please Don't Bury Me by John Pine.
0108: The Great Compromise by John Pine.
0112: Grandpa Was a Carpenter by John Pine.
0115: Donald and Lydia by John Pine.   
0123: Illegal Smile by John Pine.
0155: Blue Wind by Jeff Beck.

0057: Playing an Art Bell show.
0133: Mention of the Australian "WOW" signal.

2147: More discussion about raw milk.

2049: Weak and just above the noise, two men talking about "food production"?

Strong signal.

0324: Very weak, just above the noise occasionally.

0247: Alabama Melanated Man by Gordo Enredadera. Huge signal. And off.
0300: Just noticed it was back on.

0204: Good signal playing Non-Stop Violence by Apoptygma Berzerk.

0108: Takin' It to the Streets by The Doobie Brothers.
0123: On the Road Again by Canned Heat.

0030: Witness Tree by Guster. Good signal but some noise on the band.
0044: Sunset Vision by Rebounder.
0109: Oh No! by The Decemberists.

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