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0217: Noisy S3 signal and at tune in heard a female voice but couldn't make anything that she said out.
0235: Some man talking in front of an audience?
0337: Station ID

0059: Noisy S9 signal with Id now.
0102: Higher Love
0105: High Noon
0108: Standing On Higher Ground
0113: Sky High
0116: Rocky Mountain High
0121: (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher
0125: High Water
0129: High Hopes
0132: The Tide Is High
0136: Higher Ground
0140: You're Making Me High
0144: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Thanks for the show.

0129: Male with today's reading. Noisy S7 signal.
0143: Off with a short music piece from the jammer.

0033: Good S5 signal at tune in with a jazz piece.
0039: Yeah Man talking but noise has picked up in the last several minutes. Shoutouts now.

0124: Computer generated talk and other sounds effects. Bird whistles and what could be a bird talking. S7 signal. 

0123: Weak S5 signal with S3 or so noise. Playing a drum beat music selection now.
0129: The Light
0131: 1:18AM

Good S5 signal with music.
0107: Station ID and email repeated several times.
0115: Summer Breeze

From a post from Reynard the Fox: " >:(   :(  Oh you naughty boys.  Tsk Tsk.  Ya gotta stay to the end to get the true ID.  This was a parody production from THE FOX, in conjunction with Sick Puppy Productions.   ;D  At least one of you guys caught the "ProteinMail" address.  I know we're all gettin' a little long in the tooth..... maybe its time for some auditory assistance.  Any idea of the "secret topic"?  Hmmmm... on Memorial Day... the unofficial first day of... SUMMER.!~!~!  Good listening.  Reynard"

Thanks for the broadcast, I missed the "ProteinMail" address".

0105: Sounded like a kid talking.
Late start on the first SSTV image.


0121: "This is Ezekiel" Off

0050: At tune in just above the noise with a man talking.
0058: Theme music into a man talking.
0159: Off

2309: DJ Dickweed signing on. S9 signal.

QSLs Received / Re: POPDEFECT Radio via TRI eQSL
« on: May 29, 2023, 2251 UTC »
Received same QSL here as well. Thank you TRI.

2225: Noisy S5 signal with Visions of Serenity.
2227: Trapped in the Time Loop
2231: Right at the noise floor and mostly unreadable.
2236: Shazam was able to make out Forgotten Years another Liquify song.
2253: Signal has gotten better; Future-Fi
2304: Trying to find an RF problem. Running 50 watts tonight.

2219: Sounds like a pirate radio station bust. Nice S9 signal.
2223: Underground Network
2233: Female talking about the homeless in san Francisco.
2246: Rebel Radio

Huh? / Re: 77LJS 6950 USB 0130 UTC 23 MAY 2023
« on: May 29, 2023, 0416 UTC »

I did post on Discord a while ago and said I regret my original post in this thread, but you seem to be very interesting in reviving this pointless debate. We both agree now we can express our own opinions on programming and on other peoples opinions, not sure what the problem is now.

Not reviving anything. This happened 5 days ago, you are bringing up this history not I.

0301: Piano music with a female vocal. Noisy S3 signal.


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