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0316: S9 signal.
0321: Enjoy the Abuse by Combichrist.
0326: What's Fair by Razed In Black.
0330: Noise and fading getting worse.
0331: Station ID and email.
0333: Shattered by Epsilon Minus.

Received this exceptional QSL for tonight's first broadcast. Thank you.

0104: Aquarius by Sasha Allen & 'Hair' Tribe at tune in. Noisy S7 signal.
0106: Donna by Will Swenson & 'Hair' Tribe.
0110: Colored Spade by Darius Nichols & 'Hair' Tribe.
0112: I'm Black/Ain't Got No by Darius Nichols, Bryce Ryness, Will Swenson, Gavin Creel, Sasha Allen & 'Hair' Tribe.
0130: Easy To Be Hard by Caissie Levy.
0135: Frank Mills by Allison Case.
0145: Suddenly off, came back on at 0147 for about a minute then off again. Back.
0219: Off

0008: Good S5 signal with Comes Love by Hal Mooney and His Orchestra.
0011: Let There Be Love by Hal Mooney and His Orchestra.
0012: Station ID, slogan and email address.
0013: Small World by Hal Mooney and His Orchestra.
0015: Moonglow by Hal Mooney and His Orchestra.
0018: Station ID  and off.

1942: Weakish S5 signal with some noise. Man preaching.
2012: Station ID; "we are fishers of man" and off.

2237: Weak music in the noise here.
2238: "Kind of sounds like summertime out there." Into Pneuma by TOOL.
0006: Rooster by Alice In Chains.
0009: Sludge Factory by Alice In Chains.
0021: Eye of the Storm by Frank Marino.


QSLs Received / Re: Trance! eQSL 25 FEB 2024
« on: February 27, 2024, 0146 UTC »
Also received this QSL. Thank you.

0428: You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry.
0434: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by Neil Sedaka.
0437: Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett.
0440: Sugar Sugar by The Archies.
0445: The Locomotion by Little Eva.
0506: Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
0508: "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. We have assumed control."
0509: Off?

0424: S5 signal with Domino by Van Morrison.
0427: Go All the Way by Rasberries.
0435: In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry.
0446: Frankenstein by Edgar Winter.
0503: I Can Help by Billy Swan.
0510: Ringo by Lorne Greene.
0513: Riders In the Sky by Vaughn Monroe.
0515: The Ballad of Paladin by Johnny Western.
0518: Rawhide by Frankie Lane With Jimmy Carroll & His Orchestra.
0520: Dutchman's Gold by Walter Brennan.
0526: Don't Go Near the Indians by Rex Allen.
0533: L'estasi dell'oro by Ennio Morricone.
0536: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly by Ennio Morricone.
0538: Off


Thanks for the western theme songs. My dad was big into westerns, brought back some memories. 

0322: Irufushi by Super8 & Tab.
0331: Forever Searching by Temple One.
0334: Station ID. Back to playing Forever Searching by Temple One.
0343: Afloat by Farid. Signal is fading from almost inaudible to S5(ish).
0349: Polar Ice by Elias B.
0407: Crossfire by Hydro Aquatic.
0419: If We Were by Ultimate.

0208: S9+ signal playing Xanadu by Rush.
0220: A Passage to Bangkok by Rush.
0223: The Trees by Rush.
0244: Freewill by Rush.
0302: "West Coast this is for you": U And I by Lautleise. Op asking west coast for reports.

0112: Weak signal laying Jet Airliner by Cassie Taylor, Dani Wilde & Samantha Fish.
0118: Minute By Minute by The Dobbie Brothers.
0123: Monk's Dream by Joey DeFrancesco.
0128: Who'll Stop The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
0131: Since I Fell For You by Irma Thomas.
0135: There It Is by Ohio Players.

0059: Nice S9 signal into music. "Telling It to the Daisies" by Annette Hanshaw.
0104: What Will I Tell My Heart by Dolly Dawn.
0108: Something Tells Me by Fats Waller.
0110: It's a Sin to Tell a Lie by Billie Holiday.
0119: Tell Me Baby by The Five Echoes.
0127: Tell Her No by The Zombies.
0154: Heart Won't Tell a Lie by Los Lonely Boys.

0053: S9 signal with a female talking about a jammer.
0054: Loser by Beck.
0058: Dementia by Scott Melker. Abbreviated version. Back to letter to the douchebag jammer.
0103: Mr. Douchebag by Your Favorite Martian.
0117: Loser by Beck.

0318: Stolen Moments by Oliver Nelson.
0324: I'll Remember April by Lee Konitz.
0331: Tadd's Delight by Sonny Clark Trio.
0334: Bud giving shout outs to HFU posters. Thank you.
0341: After Hours by Jimmy Smith.

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