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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6929.2 AM 1548 UTC 4/21/16
« on: April 21, 2016, 1553 UTC »
Something is being heard on 6929.2 kHz AM mode here at 1548 UTC. Distorted music barely audible. Gone now at 1552 UTC.

I am hearing faint music, just above the noise floor. At 2311 I detected rock and roll music, followed by a male announcer. It seems best on 6300.5 kHz USB on the Eton e1.

If this is a Euro pirate and we can ID further, we will have to move this to European loggings.


Edward Insinger

European Pirates and Private Stations / UNID on 6304AM
« on: February 13, 2015, 2358 UTC »
Tuned in at 2335 UTC to signal with polka/accordeon music playing.

2339 UTC male announcer acknowledged listener; shortly thereafter mentioned Italy  and then Gino

2350 UTC- heard "House of the Rising Sun"

2357 UTC- male vocals, may be in Italian

QRM from ARO, but holding an S7 signal

SINPO=33333 here in northern New Jersey.

I'll listen for an ID -- thanks for the music on this frigid night here in north America!

Please QSL

Edward Insinger

Old Time Radio on 6772AM this evening at 2250 UTC tune in. Radio program from the golden age in progress. Fair signal keeping above persistent static -- may be from the residual winds of the blizzard which pretty much missed my area!

Tuned in at 2352 and heard an ID in between music. Sounded like "Happy Zappy Radio, wherever you are." More music followed. Annoying RTTY on frequency. Weak but readable despite QRM. Moved to 6319AM.

2359 UTC, male announcer said: "I will play some nice songs..." followed by male vocals in solo. Am now using PBT on R8A to improve signal readability and move off frequency. Clear ID occurred at 0002 UTC: "Abu Dhabi Radio." Music "Spirit In The Sky" by Norman Greenbaum followed. Best reception on 6318.5AM with PBT on lower side of frequency.

Logged this station here in northern NJ tonight, which included the Abbot and Costello Show, with baseball comedy about Bob Feller and then the classic "Who's On First." In between were ads for New Orleans Jazz Week and Camel cigarettes. The Mel Blank Show followed at 0236. Good signal tonight, despite static bursts.

Sent a reception report to the address previously posted by DJ Dickweed.


Edward Insinger

QSLs Received / Commander Bunny QSL
« on: November 03, 2013, 2343 UTC »
I received a QSL package from Commander Bunny for his government shutdown broadcast which took place on 6 October 2013 on 6850 kHz AM mode.

Included were a QSL, refrigerator magnets and yes, two million dollars, placed inside a second folded QSL with Commander Bunny For president on the front. All this for a reception report which I sent to the P.O. Box 1, Belfast address.

Thank you CB!


Edward Insinger

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