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After listening to OTR for most of the night, I am left fighting the urge to go and brush my teeth with Colgate.

Their signal has been much stronger tonight, than of late.

Sinpo 22222 at 03:28z with Glen Miller's version of Rhapsody in Blue

Its good that you're nearly always there, Guys, thanks.

This is probably not a report from the direction you were hoping for, sorry.

It was an exciting night LF of your freq, perhaps when the SDR's are checked, you'll get some worthwhile reports come in- hopefully the details here will inspire that!

Multiple station id's and your email address just before CD at ~0106z 

sinpo 33223 with a programme including some of the best British music ever aired!

Its hardly across the pond on 1watt AM - now that was impressive, OM ... krissy

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