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Nice mix of music ... into here at s9
Finally pulling the plug (literally) mid “New Orleans” at 23:21z
Thank you for the show!

Been peaking S9 since 23:25z over on this side of the pond (TFD at 12ft )
I am enjoying the great mix of music - thank you!
Many thanks for playing the Tull 00:23z   

 Receiving here at sinpo 45544 on 20m dipole at 12ft. Thank you for playing nice stuff!

19:20z still there, but no longer comfortable to listen to - shame, cos it was nice stuff to relax to ....

S9 on this side of the “pond”

Fragments of “Grandma got run over” received here on 40m dipol at 20ft - will keep listening in case signal improves ... krissy ♂

Hearing numerous SSTV tones ... Now getting “Leroy the Redneck reindeer”
Thank you, DS

Was very difficult on 6950 earlier. Thank you for changing to 4015 - romping into the UK now!

Only faint music here on loaded 80m dipol at 20ft agl ... BUT i am enjoying the show via NA sdr
Thank you DJ Weed Dick ... krissy ♂     

S9 with a bit of QSB into the flatlands of East Anglia on the efhw at 12ft agl .. in fact better signal than the 2 big NA SDR’s that I often make use of!
Thank you DDJ - you are giving much pleasure here tonight .... krissy ♂

01:38z listening to Blind Faith  at sinpo 44334 (peaking s9 on the meter here in uk)
Followed by Billy Idol ... thank you for the show ... krissy ♂

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 AM 0033 UTC 1 Sep 2018
« on: September 01, 2018, 0056 UTC »
Tuned in at 00:52z to “Shake your pants” Sinpo 43233 received on 40m dipole at 20ft agl .
Thank you for playing the music ... krissy

Madonna getting into the groove at 23:07z at sinpo 33343
Thank you for the music, Guys ... krissy ♂

Tuned in at 00:03z to hear “pretty pimpin” coming through at sinpo 34333 .. Thank you Redhat

“I wont let you down (again)” at 02:29z received here at sinpo 33223
Thank you Radio Stasi ... krissy ♂

“The Reflex” romping in here at 03:14z at sinpo 44334 on the low dipole Thank you, Mix Radio ... krissy ♂

Tuned in at 02:56z to hear Sh*t Authority at sinpo 54434 Thank you, CNR ... krissy ♂

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