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Wolverine returning a 33233 with me tonight. Thanks for the show ... krissy♂

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6940 AM 0100z Nov 9, 2017
« on: December 10, 2017, 0114 UTC »
Carrier spike only here on this side of “pond”  Cheers ... krissy♂
 Much better now in usb ~ 01:30z copied “Sorry” Nerf Herder(s) at sinpo 11231 Thanks for the music!

After qsy 6935u, signal improved to 33233 Ramones “hey ho lets go”  at 01:44z ... nice!

At 01:07z i am receiving only fragments of “all along the watchtower”    Cheers ... krissy♂
....Now getting fragments of silent night (been hearing bits of this instrumental on and off over the last couple of days)

Enjoying the music so far, this evening CNR returning 33233 atm. Thanks ... krissy ♂

CNR returning a 43333 with qsb atm. Thanks for the show ... krissy ♂

Rather fancy some Celtic punk tonight - how about Dropkick Murphys “shipping up to Boston” please?

Thank you very much - that hit the spot!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6940 2111UTC Rap Format
« on: December 05, 2017, 2142 UTC »
I have an s7 noise level here tonight and CNR is only about 1/2 an “s” point above so i am struggling copying atm ... perhaps it’ll get better a bit later on - hope so ... krissy ♂

21:49z much stronger ... or maybe the mfj 1025 actually worked this time!

22:20z now peaking an s9 .... could you please play some of The Offspring, perhaps “come out and play” or “self esteem” ... Ta

Many thanks for playing request!

CNR hitting me with an s9 tonight (noise level is s5) Great signal tonight. Thank you ... krissy♂

TNX FER SHOUTOUT being an old bloke Jethro Tull would be great ... but modern stuff, how about OPM plz?  Tnx

Many thanks for “Heaven is a halfpipe”and “Living in the past”

Perseus recording of CNR between 00:34z to 01:42z, returned a sinpo of only 32222 tonight ... condx were lousy with me again tonight which is why i set the Perseus to record and went to bed. So thanks for the show that i listened to when i got up this morning ... krissy ♂

Noisy band condx at this end tonight, but for the 20 some minutes  that this station was transmitting, I hardly noticed the noise cos it was pretty strong over here 43233 ... Thank you for the musical education ie: all after Roxanne!   krissy ♂

CNR returning a 32333 with me tonight ... Thank you ... krissy ♂

Listening back on the Perseus’ recording, this morning, you were putting a 43223 over the Atlantic Ocean and into the UK. Thank you for the broadcast ... krissy ♂

44434 over on this side. Thanks ... krissy ♂

44334 over here in the UK .  Thanks ... krissy ♂

I guess that this is the same station heard here at 00:45z on 6945U playing a Beastie Boys track "just a test" returning a sinpo of 44334 Thanks ... krissy

At around midnight utc i was getting bells, chimes and gongs on 6955U, it made me think of Radio Gallifrey, half expected Dr Who to appear ... but then again it might just have been my inability to resolve a very weak ssb signal properly! Cheers ... krissy♂

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