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Strong over here (s9 +20db) but not a very clear recording to my old ears, sorry. Sounds like a political speech judging from the words that i can make out, but there’s lots of cheering .... krissy ♂

“Nightmare on Elm St” at 01:10z with sinpo 44334 ... thanks CNR

“Pumped up kicks” at 00:24z here at sinpo 44323 on 40m dipole at 20ft agl tonight. Thanks, CNR de krissy
Thank you for the shoutout - signal increased in the last 5mins to 20db over s9 with peaks of +30db  :-)
Tull is always appreaciated here, thanks for “mother goose” ... not just because i look like Aqualung himself!

“Mother goose” pulled my string (A BIG TULL FAN HERE) at 23:04z ... stronger here than last night although band condx are worse tonight on this side. Sinpo 44323
Thank you ... krissy ♂

it just gets better - thanks for “Teacher” at 23:15z  ... and “Songs from the wood” at 23:19z  ... “Thick as a brick” at 23:25z  Oh yes, i enjoy (standing on one leg here in appreciation!) ... and Skippy gets his request at 00:27z ... fantastic!   ;-)

Nice signal on this side of the “pond” on the low dipole ... no idea what the music is but i like it! Very slow speech “king kong radio” at 01:29z Sinpo 43333
Thank you ... krissy ♂

Receiving here in Eastern England on 40m dipole at 20ft agl - pleasant instrumental music but nothing that i can actually put a name to :-(       At 01:22z returning sinpo 43323   Thank you for the music ... krissy ♂

FWIW Sinpo 55224 Thank you, Wolverine ... krissy ♂

Still solid copy ( very pleasant quality too ) at 04:18z s9+20
Cheers ... krissy ♂

I really don’t often catch xlr8, but i am hearing “paranoid” at 03:36z rather well :-) sinpo 34333
Thanks Guys ... krissy ♂

Tuned in at 02:35z to this huge signal - s9+20dB  on the 40m nvis dipole ... Smooth, i like it :-)
Thanks ... krissy ♂

“Life in the fast lane” The Eagles received here at 00:12z at sinpo 44333. Nice music mix, thank you ... krissy ♂

Particularly enjoying Green Day at 00:20z ... Ta

Peaking s9 +20db here in in UK  at 01:27z - very nice .... krissy ♂

Tuned in at 00:38z to hear “lido shuffle” at sinpo 32333. Sounds good, if i could just eradicate the qrm :-(
Thank you ... krissy ♂

Back again, this time Sinpo 55334 at 01:48z with “ Gnd control to Maj Tom “ Cheers ...krissy

Clever Name Radio at 00:02z with the Steve Miller Band “keep on rockin’ me” Sinpo 54334 on 40m dipole at 12ft agl. Thank you for the good music ...krissy ♂

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