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Shortwave Ghost coming in nicely tonight 43234 Thanks Ghost.

Ringo shortwave coming in here at 23232 and getting stronger. Thank you, Ringo.

I hear oly1959's request for Green Day at sinpo 12321

That might seem like a mean signal report but its a much improved signal compared to earlier this evening ...

Anyway I like Green Day too, so Thank You.

Only fragments making over here OM & YL - wondered what on earth it was that I was listening to, and that in itself was entertaining ... Nice try, thanks Guys.

Amphetamine Radio giving me some musical education tonight - some unfamiliar stuff to my ears, at least.

Signal now much stronger at 00:15z than it was when first up.

Sinpo 22232 with heavy cw QRM on 6932

Thanks Guys

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: KHAT 6927 USB 0254 7/20/15
« on: July 20, 2015, 0336 UTC »
KHAT returning Sinpo 32222 on this side of the "pond"

Thanks for tonight's transmission.

Band condx really noisy tonight, but Radio Fusion Radio up at 00:45z with Duane Eddy's Rebel Rouser and continuing with one of the most eclectic mixes - really interesting and enjoyable listening, Thank you.

Sinpo 23222

Update 01:30z Sinpo now 34223 ... and still enjoying the music!

SW Ghost - a mahoosive signal into the UK tonight ( we're well into daylight over here )

Sinpo 54334

Thanks for ending my night's listening with a BANG ...

Condx are not very good on this side tonight, and RFW not as strong here, as of late.

QRM on this frequency is also a problem - getting walked on by strong USB voice comms and having to notch out an interfering carrier ... but tonight's programming makes it all worthwhile!

Morrissey "Tomorrow"  at 02:16z returning a sinpo of 32222

Thank you.

After listening to OTR for most of the night, I am left fighting the urge to go and brush my teeth with Colgate.

Their signal has been much stronger tonight, than of late.

Sinpo 22222 at 03:28z with Glen Miller's version of Rhapsody in Blue

Its good that you're nearly always there, Guys, thanks.

Shortwave Ghost solid signal tonight Sinpo 45224

Zappa Peaches followed by The Troggs - I reckon we're in for some great entertainment tonight ... Thank you, Ghost

New Horizons Shortwave with Ground Control to Major Tom at 00:26z Sinpo 11221

Thank you for the transmission.

Aha, I'm glad you logged this one , Chris ...

I logged a similar transmission an hour later ... More than likely I was a bit confused by that time in the morning - I choose to blame the 3 computers displaying 3 different times in the shack ... absolutely nothing to do with being an old man with an addled brain  ;D

I had a station coming up on 6935 transmitting in usb at a few minutes before 4am UTC. I didn't recognise the loud, heavy track. So I announced the freq and mode in the chatroom - no response.

At 04:00z (?) the station was playing "Killer Queen" followed by "How long has this been going on" Just the three tracks as far as I was aware.

I logged the signal, on this side of the "Pond" with a sinpo of  43333 very strong - stronger than the previous users of 6935U earlier in the evening (of course it might have been one of the previous users and I was just experiencing enhanced propagation at the time)

I was really enjoying the music, but off all too soon!
Sinpo 43333
Thank you for playing the good stuff!

WREC with Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4 at 02:52z Sinpo 33222 Once resolved, a very pleasant signal for me to enjoy the music ... Thank you.

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