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After 50 mins of listening to noise and looking at a carrier spike, I can log TCS transmitter #7 at 01:52z on 6876AM with Rainbow "all night long" Signal is still picking up (as we all knew it would)

Sinpo 11111 atm , but loggings like this make it worth staying awake all night!

Many thanks, John.

I am struggling with "the Shortwave Ghost" tonight - condx are poor on this side, which is a shame because they've been really good the past two nights ... but every time I tuned in, there was little traffic on 43m.

Best sinpo 21111 with intrusive qrm just LF of frequency. Thank you, Ghost.

Voice of Pearl Harbor -  a walloping signal tonight on this side Sinpo 33323

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Z-Rock 6925 USB 0400z
« on: May 31, 2015, 0414 UTC »
Although daylight here in UK, am listening to all this rocky stuff ... wondering whether this is the same station that I logged at 03:47z on 6925U playing 10cc "not in love" and quarterflash "harden my heart" at 03:53z ... perhaps not, given how rocky this station is. Sinpo for log 22222 ... krissy ♂

Been listening to Weather Control Radio for the past two hours - at worst sinpo 32232 at best 43333 Its been a totally brilliant feast of sounds - particular favourites were the instrumentals, Walk Don't Run and Rumble by Link Wray ... also the Monkees tracks. Great audio. Thank you ... krissy-UK ♂

Big Johnson Radio logged with YL id at 23:49z

Sinpo 23222

perseus +t2fd at 12ft

krissy ♂

Betty Davis Eyes made it across the pond - sinpo 12211 over here in UK  Bassy and distorted mic Weird sound effects ... Nice try, mate ... krissy ♂

A very respectable signal strength from the Shortwave Ghost tonight, despite battling with the heavy QRM on his LSB, I'm still enjoying the musical mix ... Thank you.

Sinpo 21332 here in the UK

Perseus + t2fd ... krissy ♂

Over here in the UK, TCS has gone in the logbook at 02:39z with sinpo 12221

Logging TCS makes it worth getting up in the middle of the night!

perseus + t2fd at 12ft

Thank you for the transmission - I have it recorded to listen to in full later ... krissy ♂

At sign on, sinpo 23322, but an hour later had improved to  33323

RFW is now a consistently big signal on this side of the "pond"

Always a joy to listen to RFW's subtle subversion, thank you ... krissy

I was so "in the mood" to listen longer but have got to get to work.

Sinpo 33323 has gone in the log.

krissy ♂

My meaningless sinpo logged here in the UK for this station 14321 with perseus + t2fd.

"Sweet Dreams" clearly heard again after Wolverine cd, however, had the rx not been already tuned to exactly the correct frequency, I would probably have struggled to resolve the signal ... on account of my chronic ears and the weakness of the signal.

Anyway, that was a nice one, tail ending the previous transmission - it worked a treat.


Good signal, just before cd, here in the UK -

sinpo 33323 using Perseus and t2fd at 12ft

Thanks for the music, Ghost.

krissy ♂

BBR at 02:48z with "you can ring my bell" followed by "play that funky music"

Sinpo 11322 but getting stronger by the moment here in east anglia

perseus + t2fd

Thanks for the music ... krissy

Shortwave Ghost heard with the Blues, here in East Anglia on 6872.75AM at 01:33z ... and at better strength than last night - sinpo 22322 has gone in the log.

Perseus + T2FD at 12 foot

Thanks for the good music, Ghost

krissy ♂

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