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CNR with id at 23:17z returning 44333 tonight. Thank you ... krissy♂

CNR only a 13111 over here in the uk, just before off at ~23:03z, nonetheless I'm pleased to have copied anything at all tonight as condx this side are lousy Thanks ... krissy ♂

CNR with "Ride" 21 Pilots at 22:52z with a  sio of 333 Thanks ... krissy♂

CNR returning a sinpo 33233 tonight. Thanks ... krissy♂

Listening to Pink Floyd here in England. Best sinpo 32222 on the scabby old Wellbrook loop into Perseus. Thanks, krissy ♂
...and now enjoying Offspring (a band i really like!)

Receiving at sinpo 44334 over here on the other side of the "pond" on t2fd into perseus ... krissy♂

Tnx fer shoutout

Just made out "Ghost Town" by The Specials at 22:58z.
sinpo 12222 t2fd into perseus
its great to be listening to RFW again Thank you ... krissy

CNR returning a sinpo of 24222 here in Eastern England tonight on the T2FD and Perseus. Thanks for being there ... krissy

Fade up at just after 23:00z and stayed up there at a sinpo of 44334 t2fd at 20ft into Perseus
Thanks for great music mix ... krissy

 I was copying quite nicely on 6935U at sinpo 33333 but at ~ 23:03z there was a sudden qsy to 6940 which buried it under utility qrm ... that was a shame. Cheers, krissy.

23:16z back on 6935U - that was cool Thank you.

Copying Spose - I'm awesome at sinpo 33222 on the t2fd at 20ft feeding Alinco rx. Thanks for the music, Guys ... krissy

Song in French at 23:59z received on the scabby old Wellbrook loop at sinpo 14321 Cheers ... krissy

Roxanne at 22:42z returning a sinpo of 11321 using nvis dipole cut for 40m at 12ft agl .. heavy data qrm on frequency ... Cheers krissy

Switched the radio on at 22:00 to hear Also Sprach Zarathrustra at sinpo 21322 ... shame I missed it all!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6880 USB 2350 UTC 25 SEP 2017
« on: September 26, 2017, 0005 UTC »
Nice big signal over on this side of the "pond" - sinpo 45444
T2FD at 20ft into Perseus
Thanks for the music ... krissy

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