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“Girls, girls, girls” at 02:58z crashing into the uk. Sinpo 44334 received on 40m dipole at 25ft . Thank you for the music ...krissy♂

Logging “ i heard it through the grapevine” at 02:40z at sinpo 42343 here in the east of england Thank you ... krissy ♂

Logged at 01:20z with Chuck Berry “you never can tell” at sinpo 31343. Thank you for the music, Underdog ... krissy ♂

LA Woman at 01:11z at sinpo 54244 tonight. Thanks ... krissy♂

FWIW S9+20dB according to the meter on 40m dipole at 25ft over on this side of the pond. Thanks ...krissy

“The Seeker” by The Who romping into the UK at sinpo 41333 on dipole for 40m at 25ft. Listening in lsb on account of heavy QRM. Thanks .. krissy

“Who says you can’t go home” at 23:36z with sinpo of 33323
“Those were the days ...” at 00:01z  Mary Hopkins, I haven’t heard that for decades!
Thanks, krissy ♂

“Oxy Moronic” NOFX at 03:13z Sinpo 42333 (utility qrm) Thanks for the music ... krissy ♂

Very strong tonight - consistently over the 9. Thanks for the music ... krissy♂

Hearing it over this side at 34222 despite all the atmospheric qrn that’s crashing abt tonight ... krissy ♂

That was kinda interesting 44233 over on this side of the  “pond”  ...  krissy♂

Enjoying the music ... so far tonight -

22:29z “insane in the brain” cypress hill
22:35z ”when the music’s over” doors
22:37z “ funk soul brother” fb slim
22:43z “tutti frutti” lil richard
22:45z Oops, i’ve just lost ya ):
23:23z back agn (and much stronger now) with gorillaz - nice!

Thank you ... krissy ♂

Unidentified Radio is an S9 over on this side ... Thanks for the music ... krissy♂

Strength, mod and content all adds up - CNR really strong tonight. Am enjoying Green Day at volume ... krissy ♂

***I would love to hear “Bad Touch” by BHGang or indeed anything off “Hooray for Boobies” but the bad touch would surely punch with your great modulation ... thank you

Thank you for playing the above!

Just posting in this - the 6935U thread as well.
Signal on this frequency much better than back on 6940. sinpo 33233 Thank you ... krissy♂

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