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"I could have died in your arms tonight" making it across the pond.
Receiving at sinpo 21231 on 1m loop.
Thanks for the music ... krissy

At best Azteca returned a 23232 on the 1m loop over here
Cheers ... krissy

Signal was coming into the UK very well - I enjoyed the music.
Sinpo 23333 on a 1 metre loop.
Thank you ... krissy

I don't often copy CCC, and certainly not at this strength on the 1m loop.
Tears on my pillow at sinpo 23333
Thanks ... krissy

It would've been a good signal over here tonight, had it not been for the massive QRM ... krissy

Receiving "Whole lotta love" in the UK at sinpo 23222.
Thanks ... krissy

Nothing heard of the first part of the show, but by the end your signal picked up and I logged you with Sinpo 13331
Thank you ... krissy

Listening here in LSB cos of QRM on the upper sideband, and I'm enjoying the show no less for that!
Sinpo 21332 on the 1m loop.
Thanks Guys ... krissy

Switched on the radio at 00:44z to catch the Bink182 song (sorry but they all sound the same to my old ears) followed by station identification email address.
Sinpo 21232
I wish that I have tuned in earlier tonight ... krissy

Have been enjoying listening to the music here in the UK (despite QRM and QSB) since refmo announced the transmission in the chatroom - best sinpo 21222. Thanks, Guys .... krissy

Hearing the Lollypop song at sinpo 22222,on my scabby old Wellbrook loop, here in the UK.

RFW is a nice signal here in the UK tonight on my scabby old Wellbrook loop ...however there is an AM transmission of bird song slightly LF of their frequency so its all a bit more surreal than usual.

Best sinpo 31232

Thanks for giving us the alternative tonight, Guys.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6925 USB 0400z
« on: May 01, 2016, 0405 UTC »
sinpo 23232 here in the UK ... krissy

Interesting music ... once I managed to resolve the audio, as it was so different it took a while!

Best sinpo here in the UK on the scabby old loop 32232

Thank you for the musical education ... krissy

Enjoying the music here in the UK.

Received at sinpo 21232 on my scabby old Wellbrook Loop.

Thank you Celtic Music Radio ... krissy

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