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5430 kHz 5.430 MHz USB SSB voice communications log UNID two-way traffic Spanish speaking OM and YL

Heard several mentions of la marihuana around tune in, OM and YL having a pleasant (compared to the other QSOs I've monitored) conversation.  Sounds like a husband and wife talking about domestic matters, how the kids are doing, etc.  Sounds like a fishing boat captain or sailor talking to his XYL or YL back at home?  Doesn't seem like a phone patch but I could be wrong, this is in the right frequency allocation for it. 

Received via KiwiSDR in Westminster, MD.  Still going strong at 2257 UTC....YL is talking about problems with the bathroom, which fits with the OM talking to his XYL/YL theory. 

Peskies / 5394 kHz LSB Portuguese Language UNID 2252 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2254 UTC »
5394 kHz LSB - 5.394 MHz - in between the 60 meter amateur channelized frequency plan / channels.  I believe this is Portuguese and I'm assuming its pescadores - reminds me of the 6925 kHz LSB crowd and the laundry list of other pescadore frequencies logged previously.

UNID radio net 5394 kHz received via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR

Peskies / Pescadores on 5000 kHz USB (with WWV!) 2245 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2249 UTC »
The 5000 kHz USB 5.000 MHz USB guys are back!  Talking to each other with the WWV clicks in the background.  Almost sounds like Portuguese instead of Spanish (at least this group).  I noted another active frequency (5515 kHz) and there are likely other 4-6 MHz or 4-7 MHz band logs as the sun sets and ops move lower in frequency.

On second thought, this could be Spanish, its difficult for me to be 100% sure with the (obvious) QRM from WWV on 5000 kHz.  Lots of Spanish words that I know could very well be the same in Italian or Portuguese.

UNID HF radio net on 5000 kHz USB (same frequency as WWV and WWVH) on-going at 2249 UTC 15 January 2019.

Received via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR. 

5515 kHz USB 5.515 MHz USB SS OM Spanish speaking stations UNID net, I think this is a new one for me.  Lots of 5 MHz activity, OM talking about his plans for tomorrow, with the tell-tale "gambio" (cambio) "over" end-of-transmission proword.  Lots of whistling on frequency at 2245 UTC.  Receiver is the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WTWW Daytime 5085 khz 1835 UTC 11 Jan 2)18
« on: January 15, 2019, 2242 UTC »
"WTWW, all hits, all the time!" into I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls at 2242 UTC 15 Jan 2019 - via Westminster, MD SDR.  Hearing them at nearly SIO 555 via SDR, SIO 444 or so on the Tecsun portable with 50 foot wire.  Nice AM signal on 5085 kHz AM 60 meter broadcast band

I can hear this locally and on the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  Strong Link-11 signals on 6942 kHz (center frequency) and 6982 kHz (window frequency, if you're tuning in USB mode).  Center frequency 6983.5 kHz or 6983.6 kHz. 

Peskies / 6776 kHz USB UNID Spanish Language 2159 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2201 UTC »
6776 kHz 6.776 MHz USB mode Spanish language SSB voice UNID net.  Received via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR

"relax, relax, be cautious" - OM talking about his (or somebody else's) girlfriend at 2159 UTC.  Spanish language speaking OM continuing at 2200 UTC.  Mention of Venezuela at 2200...then a second station joined in (weaker than the first).  Talking considerably faster too.  Lots of salty language (second station).  No names heard as of yet. 

YL: "okay thank you very much have a good evening"
OM: "ya okay thank you very much have a good evening signing off"

tuned in just as the QSO was ending (maybe?) via the KiwiSDR in Westminster, MD

Peskies / 6 MHz Marine SSB Logs 2140-2150 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2151 UTC »
6203 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, presumed pescadores
6215 kHz USB - several QSOs going at once, this is the 6 MHz HF-SSB marine calling frequency
6227 kHz USB - UNID language heard here, weak QSO in progress, possibly Portuguese
6230 kHz USB - weather report in progress, heard OM talking over meteo with "Key West, 13 knots" (English) strong signal
6233 kHz USB - Portuguese language chatter, presumed pescadores
6245 kHz USB - "did you hear that?" thick Caribbean accent
6292 kHz USB - strange signal heard here, tuned in at 2144 UTC to hear what sounded like music, then DTMF tone bursts, possibly a pirate
6309 kHz USB - "a good one, ya mon" with Spanish voices in the background (on same frequency), annoying het/carrier QRM
6339 kHz USB - ongoing weatherfax/wefax transmission at 2145 UTC
6400 kHz USB - no PBS Pyongyang from DPRK (yet anyway)...but, there's weak Spanish language chatter on the USB side!
6470 kHz USB - "later, later" (in Spanish), good signal at 2148 UTC
6488 kHz USB - UNID language, sounds Caribbean in origin (at 2149 UTC)
6501 kHz USB - US Coast Guard weather broadcast at 2150 UTC, very good signal with some splatter to adjacent frequencies
6525 kHz USB - weak Spanish language (I think) chatter heard here.

6 MHz marine band is 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz - received via remote receiver Westminster, MD KiwiSDR

I know that this sort of straddles the gray area between Peskies and Utility, but since these users are marine mobile operating on real HF-SSB marine frequencies...I decided to post in Utility.  Hearing at least two different QSOs in progress on 6215 kHz, USB mode.  One of them involves a YL, but her signal is weakest. 

Heard via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  Tune in time: 2138 UTC.  YL now chatting at 2139 UTC, does not seem to be distress traffic to me...  ::)

Peskies / 6990 USB Spanish Speaking Freebanders 2135 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2136 UTC »
6990 kHz 6.990 MHz USB mode SSB voice UNID net, Spanish speaking.  Very ham radio like, OM greeted the other station, wished him a good afternoon and gave a signal report just shy of 2136 UTC.  No sign of the chanters on 6990 LSB :(

Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

Peskies / 6765 kHz USB - Spanish Language Net 2133 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2134 UTC »
Old Time Radio pirate on 6770 AM is coming in so strongly on this remote receiver that its actually QRMing the two-way QSO on 6765 kHz USB.  Hearing two Spanish speaking OMs talking about what the other guy knows (that's really all I was able to copy).  6770 kHz AM is booming in this time of the afternoon on the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR. 

6790 kHz 6.790 MHz busy with YL talking to an OM, presumably her husband/boyfriend, talking about domestic matters on 6790 USB, 6790 LSB has another QSO but is weaker.  Presumed rural radiotelephone fixed links out of South America.  Spanish language.  SIO 222 to SIO 333 with lots of noise and some QRM.

Tune in time: 2125 UTC January 15th, 2019.  Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border

6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish language, general ham radio like chatter, ops whistling into mics, talking about what they're doing tomorrow, etc
6670 kHz USB - busier than 6666.6 kHz, nearly nonstop chatter
6695.5 kHz USB - another popular 45 metros frequency...hearing two OMs talking over each other right now
6703 kHz USB - intermittent signal, Spanish language, general chatter

Several other frequencies active in the 6-7 MHz region, but since these are the big 45 metros ones, I wanted to group them together...

9019 kHz 9.019 MHz, lots of signs of pescadore radio nets - fishing fleets operating out of band.  Noted ALE burst on frequency at 1829 UTC, then frequency went back to SSB voice.  ALE burst happened on top of one of the OMs transmissions so I bet the ALE network decided it wasn't the best frequency to use at the moment ;)

1831 UTC - "toda la carga" (all of the cargo)

Via ΣSDR COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR UNID Net Spanish speakers SS OMs presumed fishing fleet communications 9 MHz band out of band HF-SSB marine using unauthorized frequencies...these guys are technically in the 8815 kHz to 9040 kHz aeronautical band.

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