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Started with CW transmission...."BEGINNING TRANSMISSION...FOXY? BEGINNING TRANSMISSION" then into music, some fussing about equipment (I think!)
0200 UTC: Station ID
0203 UTC: voiceover

S6...weakish signal, but very audible.

Coming in good Central MD.  S4-5. some static crashes. 

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: KiwiSDR future/replacement?
« on: April 16, 2023, 0324 UTC »
Seems like neither the raspberrysdr nor the fly dog sdr units are available:(. I’m really regretting not getting a kiwi when I had the chance

"Saucer of Loneliness"...hope someone is recording this!!!!

0223UTC:  Still going.  ~S7, fair amount of static.  SIO 333-ish

0218UTC S9 in Central MD with a 12k bandwidth!.  Playing around with new SDR software and didn't believe the S9 numbers until I looked at the logs here....
Love the waterfall images. 

Epic signal S5-6, with EXCELLENT audio.  Someone is just outdoing themselves!

Good S6 signal in central MD.  No idea what i'm hearing, but it's entertaining!

Really wide, strong USB signal! 

Shortwave Broadcast / WJHR 15555 USB 1711 UTC 16 JAN 2023
« on: January 16, 2023, 1713 UTC »
Weak signal <S2, but very good audio considering.  Religious programming. 

Just noticed it here (Central MD) at 1620 UTC or so .  AM, up to S3 with some fading but pretty good signal considering the time of day and frequency.....

Best description....'elevator musak'.  LOL

have it in Central MD with some deep fades. 

Caught the tail end of the broadcast starting ~1600 UTC.  OTA sometime < 1620 UTC 25 NOV.  Was a decent S2-3 signal in central MD with some fades (typically right during the station IDs!).  Thanks for the show.

Fly it circles over the Kremlin, jamming all frequencies with a Russian dubbed version of Randy Newman's "Short People".

Was going to suggest offensive Rick-rolling, but no….your way is better.

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