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S9 here at the nations Capitol. Great audio great show, drink up dude, I'm way ahead of you.

Request if you are still able, since you said you owe me one, Bridge of Sighs from Robin Trower, dedicated to my friend Skipmuck

Signal is S9+23 here near Washington DC, I could go 6k wide and audio still has punch. Very minor fades no qrm, minor hashing in my area.
Always a classic playlist, very much needed. Starting to dip to S9+13 here now at 0112 UTC. I'm just on the outside of greyline, fwiw.

s9+20 at the nations capitol. minimal fades, no qrm nearby, good audio at 4k wide. good show, thanks, great way to wind down the day.

hi skips, yes, also hearing this near DC sitting at s9 +10 at a s8 floor.
edit to add, pretty deep fading going on, no qrm, pretty good spot.

heard it on the overnight recording, my notes:
s7 @0415 with 3k wide setting making a comfy listen. solid signal.
s5 @447 starting to fade in and out a tad.
s6 @0505
s7@ 0522
then off here @ 0524
no id throughout that i could detect.
im not a huge music enthusiast from this time period, and i rarely rely on shazam, so i appreciate the accurate song titles from the other undergrounders.

listening on websdr in georgia, cant hear you in dc. please play fishbone - "modern industry", dedicated to the boys and girls on the chat board pulling that fine mediumwave dx.

be thankful im not requesting skull by sebadoh, its only 2 minutes 30 seconds.
pretty booming on this websdr, s9.

drink up, i'm way ahead of you. great show, look forward to it every year, drives my family nuts, its all i talk about after xmas.

edit -- please play "thumb" by dinosaur jr. ?

my guy, an additional request youve played 2 smithereens, how about dinsosaur jr "thumb", i promise its not 2:30

yo dj, ive waited months for you dawg,  please play skull by sebadoh, i promise not to weep profusely
s8 near dc, minor fades, no qrm really, great audio. pampero run on tap here, get lit.

Peskies / couple nets, 6889 6900 around 1720U nov 10-2018
« on: November 10, 2018, 2229 UTC »
hi kids, long time.
wanted to get this in as band seems to be dropping out, several SS language qso's, no recognizable voices.
still happening now @1727

s7-s8 near DC, some fading, no qrm, fair audio. comfy at 3.5k width for me.
screen cap: https://imgur.com/a/xvaLYD8

s8 here near the nations capitol, s7-8 significant fades at 2110-ish, great audio. no qrm. great to unwind after work and listen, thanks.

s7, north of dc. minor fades, no noise nearby, good audio, but slightly mid-rangey. great old radio bits continue at 1910U.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6955 USB 2314 UTC 9 Sep 2018
« on: September 09, 2018, 2322 UTC »
great copy here near dc, minor fades, great audio on a nice wide signal, no qrm local or atmospheric. no id yet at 2323u.
havent heard these tunes in forever.

s7, nice and wide, minor fades, no qrm. good audio.

killer signal s9 here near dc, no qrm, barely no fades. great wide signal, great audio.
request? can you play "thumb" by Dinosaur, jr? or "Skull" by Sebadoh.

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