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XLR8, 6925u, 8/27/14, 45343
S7-S8 coming through the crash.
0213z - ID at the end of the program.

Sorry I missed it.


S9 at 2319z. Old timey. "Under the Anheuser Busch" or therabouts.

2328z - Minnie the Moocher
2333z - Hot Nuts (from the Peanut Man)
2336z - CYOT ID in CW. Off. Still S9 at the end.



MAC Shortwave, 6950.5am, 8-5-14, 45333

The Jimmy Stewart show - attempting to play a Tommy Dorsey tune at 0110z. Storm crash making some of the op tougher to pull out. Overall a good signal.

0215z - still S8-S9. Thanks for the show tonight Jimmy.


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6925 USB 0046 UTC 5Aug14
« on: August 05, 2014, 0102 UTC »
S8 when I tuned in at 0100z - good sounding audio during the country song. Lotsa crash from approaching storms.

XLR8 ID at 0104z
S7 at 0230z


JF  :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID, 6950 AM, 0320z, 8-4-14
« on: August 04, 2014, 0326 UTC »
Somebody on 6950AM with a nice S7-S8 peak carrier, but very low audio. Can hear
the WKRP Cincinnati song in the backround.

off at 0333z


Heard somebody tuning up around 0215z with a very weak signal. Some QRM nearby presumably from pescadores. Heard a bit of a "at gmail dot com" ID, but too tough to pull out.

0222z - Rolling Stones "Beast of Burden" and now some Bowie "Let's Dance" in there.
0224z - Bowie - Fame
0225z - Steve Miller tunes
0229z - ______ Shortwave at gmail.com
0241z - Caught that ID! Stones - Jumping Jack Flash
0254z - ID

Great to hear you again & thanks Capt.!


Wild 100, 6925u, 8-2-14, 35343
S7-S8 with considerable static crash. Heard Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild,
Good sounding USB audio.

ID at about 0254z.
0257z - Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
0300z - Wild 100 ID, then Zepplin's "Ramble On"


Tuned in at 0218z with an ID. S9+5 here too with a bit of static crash sneaking in behind the signal.
Great audio as always. Then Roy Orbison - Dream Baby.


Renegade Radio with a S5 signal against a crashy backdrop of an approaching storm.
Got enough time to log this before disconnecting antennas.

0302z - Heat of the Moment
0304z - ID, then "Hungry Like The Wolf"
0308z - Van Halen "Dancin' in the Streets"


S7-S8 with sign-on and ID after Soviet Natl. Anthem. 45343.
Still S8 at 0154z with Sir Mix-A-Lot.


live on the mic at 2357z  - little misstep on the date  :)

S7 with some crash from nearby storm system. 45333.
2359z - "I Know How You Feel"
0000z - Pescadores, the Jimmy Stewart Show


X-FM @ 0355z, 45343. S7-S9 after just getting home from a buddy's party. Nice sounding audio as usual. Great to hear X-FM and Redhat again. Been a while.

ID at 0357z. Golden Earring "Twilight Zone"

Thanks for the shout  8)


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: O T R 6770.6Am 6/16/14
« on: June 16, 2014, 0303 UTC »
S8 with light fading at 0300z. Burns and Allen show. 35343.


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WRR 6925 USB 2313z 6/15/14
« on: June 16, 2014, 0007 UTC »
WRR, 6925u, 45433, 6-16-14, S9 on peaks with drops down to S5 or so.

0000z - Jerry Reed - Eastbound & Down
0004z - ID - planning on playing Tainted Love, but decided on Johnny Cash


Just some audio bits peeking out at 1400z. Male voice - some music.


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