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Robust signal tonight into NE Alabama. Various SSTV images and some fine tunes on this cold night. Thanks for the show! SINPO: 44333. 
02:58 War -- Lowrider

Fair to good signal into NE Alabama this evening. SINPO: 33333. Some SSB chatter interference. Thanks for the Saturday night tunes.


Fair to good signal into NE Alabama this evening. SINPO: 33333. Some SSB chatter interference. Thanks for the Saturday night tunes.

Fair signal into N.E. Alabama -- SINPO: 34333. Various electronic music -- nice audio when the signal rises above the noise level. Thanks for the tunes!

Coming in great here in NE Alabama. SINPO: 45334.
Thanks for the Christmas eve broadcast and don't let that transmitter get too hot!
23:41 ID and then some electronic type musical selection

Fari to Good signal into NE Alabama. SINPO: 34343.  Old time big band and vintage radio plays. Thanks for the Thanksgiving programs!

Weak signal into NE Alabama. SINPO: 23322.
02:08 ID
02:10 Beatles Abbey Road LP tracks
02:18 Barking then Revolution by the Beatles

Thanks for the show!

Fair signal into NE Alabama. SINPO: 34333
01:56  Female vocalist

Seems to have disappeared into some heavy static at 01:59 or has signed off. No signal on scope.
Thanks for the Halloween tunes and nice music Nowhere!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: X-FM 4185 AM 0002 UTC 1 NOV 2021
« on: November 01, 2021, 0039 UTC »
S9 PLUS signal into NE Alabama. SINPO: 44344.
00:37 Oingo Boingo "Dead Man's Party"
00:49 Alternate version of Blue Monday
Thanks for the Halloween Show! If possible play Season of the Witch!

Fair signal into NE Alabama
00:27 Monster Mash
00:29 Ghoulish Howls
00:30  The Eagles 'Witchy Woman'

SINPO: 33233
Thanks for the Halloween fun Outhouse!

Creep music, creepy SSTV pics! (Flaming skull) Strong into NE 'Bama. SINPO: 44434
00:18 -- Not sure of the artist/title but creepy song about "One day I will kill you."

Thanks for the Halloween night show!

Fair signal into NE Alabama. SINPO: 34333
Instrumental sax music with occasional Halloween howls and effects.
Thanks for the tunes!

Big signal into NE Alabama tonight on the Kenwood R-1000 using a G5RV.
SINPO 54334
Great show Red Hat.
How about Generals and Majors by XTC?
— Billo

S9 plus signal this evening into NE Alabama. SINPO = 45344.
Irish ballads/ballads at 00:30 UTC. SSTV at 00:33 depicting a ship at sea.
Thanks for the tunes!


6950 UNID USB — Continuous music / techno /electronic/pop
12:23 — The Knack - My Sharona
12:27 — War - Lowrider
12:41 — Heart - Barracuda
14:10 — Ice Ice Baby
14:12 — Motörhead - God Save The Queen
SINPO = 25423
Deep fades with static crashes into NE Alabama.

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