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02:30 Nice signal about S9 plus 10. ID by woman with a somewhat British accent then instrumental music.

Nice signal into NE Ala. S9 with moderate fading.
-- 01: 59- The Doors:  Riders on the Storm
-- 02: 01 - A screeching sound effect of some sorts then dead air.
Thanks for the tunes WTF Radio!

Wonderful signal into NE Ala. S9 with minor fading. Loving the Jimmy Cliff.  Thanks for the show Wolverine!

S9 into Alabama this evening with minor fading. Instrumental version of Metalica's Nothing Else Matters at  00:59. 


All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix is playing now. About S7 on the G90. 40 meter off-center dipole.

S7 signal into NE Alabama on the G90. Good copy despite the static crashes from the errant storms in the area. Happy 4th everyone.

Strong signal, S5 with some minor fading. Jazz mix, entertainment quality signal for sure. SINPO 34333.

S5 in NE Alabama.  Tom Petty Freefalling )3:36

ID: 00:18 "Liquid Radio".  Dance/techno music mix

00:15 Head East- Never Been Any Reason. 10 over here in NE Alabama.  Seems like there is another song/station underneath as well. 

23:54 S9+20.  Very loud into NE Alabama.

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