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Big solid signals with great old music at 0020. Love the music keep it going.

Wild Thing 0026 with ID at 0029

Weak signals with music but no ID at 0010. Conditions are poor here tonight so far.

Fairly good signals here with music of 1930's or 40's. 0038 UTC

Weak signals but hearing the Steely Dan music. No ID heard as of 0047.

Nice signals here with great rock music at 0038
American Pie the day the music died at 0054

Weak signals but hearing Sweet Home Alabama at 0025 I think. Lots of static here tonight making reception poor.

Weak signals but I can copy the music fairly well on fade ups. Thanks for the show and a new station.

Good signals now 0244 with ID and SSTV of Kilo Kat 7 radio  cat pic

Good clean signals at 0045 with Big Band Swing music. Love the program!

Very weak here but making it through the noise. Thanks for the show and a new station.

Good solid signals in here at 0045.
Thanks for the show!

Happy 4/20

Coming in well here at  0112. Much stronger than last night.
Thanks for the great music,

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6940 USB 0102 4/2/2016
« on: April 02, 2016, 0106 UTC »
Coming in well here at 0106.

Very weak here with lots of static but catching some of the music at 0043.

Thanks for the show and the new station.

Lots of techno dance music no ID heard. Weak signals but can copy
w0hrf  thanks for the help on the ID could not pull it out

Big signal here with old time jazz/blues music

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