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0010 Hearing faint digital noises repeated over and over

0112 Music then a bunch of BORK BORK sounds

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6941.7 AM 0045
« on: April 15, 2024, 0048 UTC »
Station with fair signals on AM with talk and music
This is most likely Sternradio as posted as 6942 AM

0040 Good signals with a variety of songs about Sunday. Thanks for the show

0031 Good signals with Carpenters song

0036 Female with full ID and QSL info. Signals 55455

Thanks for the program and clear ID

0028 Jazz Piano with fair sugmnals thanks or the great music

0124 Music just above the noise level sounds like drums/

0056 Run Away fair signals. Thanks for the show

0240 hearing bits of music but cannot make out the tune but thanks for the show

0036 Weak but can catch some music may be a guitar

0032 Texas Radio Shortwave ID and some music
0040 House of the Rising Sun
Signals very good and clear,,,thanks for a great show

0010 faint music cannot make out the tune. Thanks for the show

0338 catching some good blues music here thanks for the show
0350 signals better can get the music clearer now excellent stuff

0325 Sukiyaki before that SSTV signals. Fair signals here thanks for the show

0109 man doing animal noises then gone

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