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0304 Instrumental music maybe dance music

0159 Sounds like My Girl weak though so I might be off

0130 ,Weak music here not sure of the song Thanks for the broadcast

0125 Poor signals with music and a young person taking
0130 stronger with woman talking

0110 Just above the noise level here with music.

Thanks for the e-QSL much appreciated

0122 with Hip Hop/rap music good signal no ID yet. Happy Feb 29!
0125 Something about "To North America"
0133 announced next was NWA

0120 Rock music just above the noise here.
0150 lots of good music but no ID heard yet What a Fool Believes
0155 O Canada

0141 Good signals with slow rock music Thanks for the show

0138 Man talking about being a robot weak in the static

0225 can hear woman talking but cannot make it out very weak

1338 poor signals but can hear some talk possibly religious in nature

0032 some music and SSTV but cannot make out an ID

0030 fading in and out with music and a man talking

0018 Poor signals with music and a man reading something

0126 good signals with Please Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood
0138 ID by woman and Unknown Name Radio Station

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