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0120 Pretty Lil Angel Eyes good signals thanks for the show

0030 with faint music now

0105 With good signals playing oldies music from the 1960's
Thanks for the show

1923 fair to good with Green Onions. Thanks for the great music

0305 with heavy rock music then SSTV at 0310 but not strong enough to decode
0320 SSTV again with what looks like a dog? and some printing under it

0044 blues jazz music no ID but good signals

0250 Music with good beat fair signals
0254 KOLD ID

0048 Look what They Have Done to my Song. Fair signals
Crimson and Clover DJ talking but no ID heard

Really nice signals here at 0058 with Brandy then Go ask Alice Zekey chat and into more music
thanks for the show

0041 with good signals with what sounds like a wrestling match

0038 with unid music selection fair signals

0039 Outhouse Radio SSTV

00010 heard the SSTV and dance type music weak but could hear it all
thanks for the program

0143 catching bits of music just above the noise. Thanks for the show

1237 with Guitar music just above the noise The music is all Christmas but no ID yet

0023 heard fairly well with music and man laughing The Goat Man

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