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0111 music followed by hoots???

0125 Big Band music with good signals here\Possible B side radio ID

2317 Catching lively music here. fair signals. Thanks for the show

0253 weak but catching some of the music here. thanks for the show

This is listed as a China Radio International frequency but not supposed to be on now?????

2348 Fair signals with music no ID yet

2319 Poor signals but man cursing a lot  passible SSTV  just above the static.

0105 Snowbird by Anna Murray Fair signals lots of static here tonight

0011 you are listening to Radio 48 on Mix Radio International clear ID then back into music. Good clear signals here tonight thansk for the show.

0054 Good signals with "Mellow Yellow" Thanks for the broadcast

0038 Opera music singing by a lady fair signals

0021 Faint instrumental music.
0027 piano music coming up better now

103 Fair signals with electronic music

0140 fair signals with blues guitar music
0143 man talking heard him say thanks for listening possible ID but to messed up to copy

0050 very weak but some music fading up

0035 Blues Piano music fair signals

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