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0140 Weak music coming up over the static and some talk but could not make that out
Thanks for the show

0213 Hearing bits of music amongst the static crashes

0040 heard the music and sirens just above the noise level

hearing you quite well with a variety of old music. "Summertime" Mungo Jerry
thanks for the music

2350 weak but some music fading up. thanks for all those who got the ID

0225 have been hearing music not sure who and what sounded like Morse Code ID's

0212 Good signals with man doing a talk on transmission and the government
0216 ID then off

0120 Pretty Lil Angel Eyes good signals thanks for the show

0030 with faint music now

0105 With good signals playing oldies music from the 1960's
Thanks for the show

1923 fair to good with Green Onions. Thanks for the great music

0305 with heavy rock music then SSTV at 0310 but not strong enough to decode
0320 SSTV again with what looks like a dog? and some printing under it

0044 blues jazz music no ID but good signals

0250 Music with good beat fair signals
0254 KOLD ID

0048 Look what They Have Done to my Song. Fair signals
Crimson and Clover DJ talking but no ID heard

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