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Fairly good signals at 0005 with some sort of Slavic music but no ID yet

0116 SSTV transmission but too weak to copy and into music

0032 bits of music in bad static from rain storms here

0114 the music is just above the noise here but can here it
0117 Colorado Rocky Mountain High

0041 "We Just Disagree" Fair signals with other oldies as well. Thanks for the good music

0010-0015 classical music with a flute solo fair signals here

0010 catching the music and some SSTV but too weak to make it out

0114 hearing blues music quite well here but no ID heard yet. Thanks for the great music

0055 Good music but no ID here. Strongest station in quite some time into here

2330 faint music in the static slowly improving

0320 two men talking about Titanium and Jack Russel dogs. Fairly clear signals
0323 Mentions of Ukrainian Freedom Fighters and beaming over the pole into Russia

0018 good signals with instrumental music
0026 gone or faded out never heard an ID

0022 just above the noise with music

0034 hearing tones repeated over and over almost like an interval signal. fair signals

0018 with ID by a woman then into music. pretty good signals here
Thanks for the show

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