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Love the great old music. Good solid signals best station of the night at 0035
Papa was a rolling stone 0048
Looks like a Father's Day theme tonight

Getting some music in the noise at 0136
Fading up better now at 0143.
Checked my logs and you are a new station for me THANKS.

Jethro Tull music at 0047 just above the noise level. No ID yet

Starting to fade in here with bits of music at 0222.

Very weak signals but some music fading up at 0028 UTC.

SSTV at 0032

The music is fading up here at 0112. Female vocalist. Sounds very 40's or 50's styled
SSTV at 0132 a bit fuzzy but peace symbol for sure

Looking back at loggings Peace Radio used this and Bullwinkle SSTV on other nights must be them??

Weak signals but catching some of the audio at 0035 UTC.

Dance music at 0217 with Fair-Good signals.

0028 very weak here but getting some music

0129 Catching bits of music in bad static but very strong Het.

0021 UTC Science Fiction program with lots of beeps in it. Good signals
0027 UTC seems to have gone off air no ID heard  Back at 0029.
Good thing as how would I know how the story ends!

2345 UTC coming in here weakly but copying the talk into music.

Clear ID at 2352

Wow big signal with oldies music. Very clear at 0107 UTC. Talk by D J Koot into bits of different oldies All from 1967

Signed off 0118....don't take any $3 bills.

Thanks for the new station

Starting to fade in here with bits of music 0048 UTC.

Hearing some of the music due to deep fades from 1238-1249 UTC
No ID heard yet

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