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Fading in and out with music at 0124
Much stronger at 0130 with guitar blues song

Coming in here just fine. Great rock tunes  It's Only Rock and Roll  thanks at 0050.
Looks nice on my new SDRPlay RSPduo.

Nice clear ID at 0127 into Red Red Wine song. Good signals.
First new Pirate on my SDRduo!

Hearing the music at 0054. Fair signals
Signals in and out but caught the SSTV transmission.
Thanks for a new station.

Fading up at 0122 with music Riders on the Storm.
fading out now at 0130

Very weak signals above the noise floor with music but cannot make it out yet at 0025

Starting to fade in with country music at 0023

Fading up well with Spirit in the Sky at 0005....It's All Right Now at 0011 with better signals but still no ID.

The music is fading up here at 2258. Thanks for the new station.

Heard SSTV transmission but to weak to copy at 0020 then into music again

2018 hearing some music but do not recognize the tune. Just above the noise level
2025 caught the ID. Thanks for the show

0125 Weak signals in heavy static tonight. New one for me thanks for the show.

Very nice signal tonight with ID at 124 UTC and into blues music

SSTV at 0134with weather map of North America and Wolverine Radio ID at bottom of map

Catching the music here but weak 0110 then gone by 0117

Bits of music here too but just above the noise...0033
What sounds like SSTV at 0047
Thanks for the good program. My first time hearing you.

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