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Fair signal tonight at 01:20UTC with some faint music a lot of noise to!! Rock Music!!

Hearing Wolverine Radio tonight with Tom Petty Running down a dream at 01:18UTC with a ID at 01:18UTC Signal level is S9 tonight!! Into a SSTV signal and then gone at 01:28UTC!!
Good to hear you tonight!!!

Very weak here hearing music in the mud at 23 :42UTC signal level at best S5!!

Good signal tonight with old music from the 60's and then 3 SSTV signals at 23:41UTC Signal level is S9!

Hearing some music at 23:55UTC but there is noise on the frequency with some type of interference!
Signal level at S7-9 tonight!!

Signal level is S9! In Western South Carolina! With some dance music at 23:53UTC Female ID with Mix Radio International!

Good signal at 23:49UTC but there is interference too on the same frequency S7-S9 from peskies!!

Excellent signal here at 23:13UTC tonight some Buffalo Springfield music 20 over 9 here in Western South Carolina!

Real weak here in Western South Carolina some music is bleeding through but unable to identify the songs at 23:11UTC!

Signal level tonight being over 10 over 9 at 00:26UTC with a blues song some fading though!

Strength levels tonight 10 over 9 here in Western South Carolina! With music playing at 00:24UTC No issues tonight!!

Hearing some music at 23:41UTC with a male speaker at the moment! Some interference probably to do with thunderstorm activity! Signal level at S7!

Hearing the Police "Sending out an SOS"  at 00:01UTC with ID at at 00:02UTC Mix Radio International!! Signal level at S7!
"We can work it out" 80's band at 00:03UTC

Poor signal can hear pieces of music but faint at 00:12UTC!

Hearing some music by Simple Minds at 01:07UTC good signal tonight S9!
Another song from the 80's talking money the best things in life is free at 01:11UTC!
MIx Radio International ID at 01:12UTC

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