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Nothing here at 01:06UTC!!

Nothing here but peskies at 23:59UTC!!!

A lot of noise here at 23:58UTC some music coming through but can not make out the music!

Hearing something like a computer mode voice at 23:02UTC male voice hard to understand at the moment!!
Heard a SSTV transmission at 00:01UTC some Morse code and now back into SSTV transmission!!

Hearing a SSTV signal at 23:00UTC now into music signal is fair at the moment sounds like some older music!
Hearing another SSTV signal at 23:03UTC!! Into another song and now a SSTV signal at 23:08UTC!! Blues tune at 23:13UTC signal is about S7 with plenty of storms in the area!
Another SSTV signal at 23:15UTC!

I heard earlier just about 10 minutes ago with rap music with a excellent signal here!!

Excellent signal here 10 over 9 tonight at 01:13UTC with  some music from the 80's here in Western South Carolina!!!
Down Under by Men at Work at 01:18UTC

Hearing a older man speaking tonight not clear but signal level is S5!!

Solid S9 signal here in Western South Carolina tonight at 02:25UTC with a male singer!! SSTV signal after music at 02:27UTC!

Hearing some lues music tonight at 02:24UTC good signal S9!

Not hearing anything at 01:50UTC tonight!

Hearing some music tonight at 01:48UTC signal strength is at s( with Music

Excellent signal here 10 over S7 tonight hearing Prince with When Doves Cry at 00:48UTC

Hearing music tonight at 01:41UTC with music at S9 signal!! Off for a spell and now back to some rock music!!

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Kahuzi (Congo)
« on: July 24, 2019, 1921 UTC »
Rather weak but at 19:20UTC hearing some music but it is the mud!! frequency is 6210.20khz!!!

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