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Signal is fair tonight not as strong as in the past but the bands are noisy tonight With Money by Pink Floyd at 00:30UTC  Thanks for the show Wolverine!!!
The theme is Money by The O'Jays at 00:33UTC Signal strength is S6 at 00:35UTC

Weak here at 22:45UTC hearing a male speaking!! The signal is improving with music by request at 00:38UTC Signal level is S5!!

Hearing music here at 00:57UTC with a male announcer a few minutes before at 00:55UTC Signal level is S9 here in Western South Carolina!!

Hearing some music here at 00:56UTC Good signal here in Western South Carolina!! Blues  signal level 10 over 9!!

Signal here is weak can hear music but there is plenty of fading in and out at 23:49UTC!!

I am hearing a male voice at 18:05UTC the signal level is rather poor and not able to understand everything he is saying! Still hearing him at 18:37UTC!! This is pretty incredible on the East coast hearing him in Western South Carolina!! I have no idea how much power he is using but still incredible!!

Hearing a great signal here in Western South Carolina tonight 10 over 9 at 02:29UTC
 Great Tunes!! Thank you for the show!!!

Hearing bits and pieces of music at 21:44UTC today! Signal is fair today!!
Hearing Fame by David Bowie at 21:48UTC!!

Heard some music today at 21:30UTC decent signal but gone in a few minutes!! Location Western South Carolina!!!

Nice day to be outside here in South Carolina near 70 here. I did here the program but was not able to hear the content around 20:30UTC!!

A lot of noise tonight with some music not the best of conditions in Western South Carolina!! Reception at 00:32UTC

Somewhat weak here with the sound but the signal level is strong 10 over 9 there is a lot of noise on these frequencies tonight!!! at 00:41UTC

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6900 USB 0033 UTC 14 Sep 2019
« on: September 14, 2019, 0039 UTC »
Hearing a Heavy Metal song at 00:38UTC signal level is 10 over 9 tonight!!!

Signal level is pretty good tonight here at 23:41UTC with music!! Signal level is solid S9 here in Western South Carolina!!

Excellent signal tonight at 23:39UTC with some music and a female ID but did not catch it Signal level is 10 over 9 tonight!!!

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