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Huh? / I wish someone would mix me a cockatiel
« on: October 13, 2013, 0527 UTC »
Nobody here has bought me a drink, kinda makes me sad.

I might just get back on my mambo jet, and fly away.

They just installed a quantum computer on mine.

Now I can meet myself in the middle of a trip without becoming annihilated,

plus they serve cockatiels onboard (they let me fly with my bird).


Any good bird stories gentlemen?

There's a very good reason to use kHZ instead of mHZ, wiseacres,

but I can't discuss it for 2 reasons:

A) I don't understand what a "kilohertz" is. I know what a "kilo" is, but I haven't made the connection with my radio

B) It's classified, not allowed to discuss it (I refuse to allow it) and I'm The Decider--which means I'm the one who classifies which stuff is classified.

Hope that clears everything up.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: No Voice of Greece on 9420 @ 01:30 10-5-13
« on: October 05, 2013, 0444 UTC »
It gets worse . . .

they're saying now, that some dude in the U.S. wants to repo the Parthenon . . .

Said he was gonna turn it into a Club Med-type resort, real exclusive, but hot.


We got a Parthenon in Nashville, it's very nice.

General Radio Discussion / Numbskull and Bones
« on: October 05, 2013, 0407 UTC »
Hello, I'm not a pirate, but I was in "Skull and Bones."

Is that close enough?

I heard some stories in there that would dessicate your flesh.

(stories about drills and whipped cream)

ask Victor,

ask Zulu,

ask Alpha,

ask Romeo,

they'll confirm everything.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Propagation
« on: October 05, 2013, 0350 UTC »
Personally, Ive been mostly quiet from 6:30 pm, until right now.

(I'm from Texas--we picked this up from Spain in one of those vintage wars. I got war on my mind a lot)

I'm quiet now, but like the sun, I can (excuse my language) raise Hell when I want to.

Just get some Scotches and beers in the sun, and I promise,

you'll get some propagation before too long.

Utility / Re: Iranian Radar 11 meters 27 Sep 2013
« on: October 03, 2013, 0338 UTC »
All I have to hear is "Iran" and "radar" and I'm headin' straight to the White House bomb shelter.

Heh, we keep some pretty good stuff down there, uh,

Corona, and maybe some, uh, Balvenie, or Macallan.

Drinkin' some Dalmore right now, whew! Courtesy of United States taxpayers, wherever you may be.

Gettin' ready to fill up some water balloons in case the Iranians get too close,

pretty scary, heh! God Bless,

God Bless the U. S. A., especially ME

Alpha Victor

Yankee Zulu

Romeo Register Void

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" at S5 to S6 then nothing at 3:33 UTC

I think this is the theme music for a legal abstract firm or something?

USB transmission, steady S3 to S4 at 3:04 UTC

Dropped into the noise floor at 3:11 and couldn't copy any more.

"We are 5 days away from fundamentally . . . the United States of America"

some sort of rally cry, big gaggle of voices there for a while.

"...personally thank Boehner for the shutdown..."

Wow, talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water.

You radio guys ever use any government stuff?

Ever get out much?

It's a big world out there, scary sometimes, heh!

Was the North Korean woman hot?

It said she was, "...far more precious cargo..."

Uh, I mean, more precious than moonshine and Timexes?

or, better than, uh, Wild Turkey and Rolexes?

I don't believe stories that lack essential details.

My gal is more valuable than a calculator watch and some Four Roses, she's that hot.

General Radio Discussion / Ruth's Chris Steak House
« on: September 24, 2013, 1426 UTC »
Ate at Ruth's Chris Steak House recently.

Had the crab cakes (ever had that feelin?)

Could only eat one, but it was mighty good.

Next time I'll order some seared cow.

That Bushmills on the rocks tasted good, ahhhhhhh yummy

Zulu Yankee Bravo

X-Ray Delta

(target acquired)

General Radio Discussion / Re: 4441 kHz Canadian bush net
« on: September 24, 2013, 1422 UTC »
A "Bush Net" is my favorite kind of radio system,

if you know what I mean,

Peace Brother
heading for Kennebunktpforttaflugen Maine
Victor Zulu Yankee Bravo

General Radio Discussion / I hurt myself doing yoga
« on: September 24, 2013, 0259 UTC »
The other day, I was watchin' a yoga video.

Somehow in the process of watchin' these hot girls doing their yo-ga,

I fell off the TV set (these modern TV sets are real thin and lack support, heh, reminds me of my political base)

I'm from Texas, got a 10-gallon hat somewhere,

and I like cowboy boots. Are ya'll going to keep talkin' about radios?

In the general discussions where you can talk about anything under the sun,

ya'll going to talk about radio? Because we can talk about cows, for example.

FM Free Radio / Re: FM raid in Massachusetts.
« on: September 24, 2013, 0203 UTC »
Heh, heh, and heh to that.

I partied with PRINCE in 1999.

How many of you radio perverts, I mean "pirates,"

can say THAT?


(I mean Crown Prince

AB . . .

AB . . .

I mean, Crown Prince Ab  buh  Dooollaaa,

of, uh,

Saudi-Arabia. He's an ally. He's a Saudi Prince. They have princes over there, too.

(He let me hold his hand on our first date)

FM Free Radio / Re: FM raid in Massachusetts.
« on: September 19, 2013, 1155 UTC »
You're darn right pirate broadcasts endanger public safety, I got some stories about that.

Heh! I got round-the-clock Secret Service bodyguard protection but look what happened to me!

Like I said before, the face got all scratched up by a pirate radio (it fell on me, then I fell on it) and boy did it smart, I'm sore all over. But I got good emergency care, it's part of my government benefits which y'all taxpayers will be paying to us, a bunch of millionaire ex-presidents, for a long time, so I'll keep you posted each time my face gets messed up.

When these pirate broadcast folks get on the air, bad stuff happens, real bad stuff!



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